(Minghui.org) A once outstanding student was not allowed to go to college because of his family’s belief in Falun Gong.

When Mr. Liu Xiaolin documented this incident and the government’s persecution of Falun Gong on the internet in 2011, the authorities arrested him and put him in a forced labor camp. He was only 18.

Since his release, he has been under constant surveillance and frequently harassed, which prompted him to leave his hometown and work in another city. Nevertheless, every day when he returned to his apartment in Jinan City, he could see signs that his home had been broken into, and things were damaged or missing.

In October 2017, Mr. Liu was harassed and questioned by the police for no apparent reason three times in two weeks. He was in a train station in Qingzhou City to go back to Jinan on October 8. A ticket agent gave his ID and ticket to a police officer. The officer asked if he had a criminal record, referring to his incarceration in the forced labor camp six years ago.

Mr. Liu’s company sent him to Nanjing on October 20 for a routine training. The next day his mother in Shouguang City got a call from a local official, who asked her if her son had left town and wanted her to get his address in Nanjing. The official also warned her to tell him to “stay put.”

The next day Mr. Liu went to Linyi County. He used his ID to purchase a ticket home at the county bus station. A police officer showed up and said that his ID was questionable and wouldn’t let him leave.

When Mr. Liu demanded a reason, the officer asked if he had ever committed a crime or made a complaint about the government. Mr. Liu tried to make a call from his cell phone, but the call couldn’t go through. Knowing that his phone wasn't broken and suspecting that it had been purposely blocked, he borrowed a phone from a passerby and the call went through. The officer then let him leave.

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