(Minghui.org) A veteran of the Sino-Vietnamese War three decades ago was recently arrested for his efforts to stay healthy and fit.

Mr. Liang Yuansheng, 61, found a job with the Maoming City Pharmaceutical Company after he retired from the army in 1987. Years of military service and work as a civilian had taken a toll on his health, and he suffered from persistent hemorrhoids and stomach problems.

In 2006, he was introduced to Falun Gong, a mind-body practice that has restored many to health but is being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime for its popularity. Despite the persecution, he decided to give it a try since no medical treatment had ever helped.

Mr. Liang soon recovered from his symptoms and also quit his decades-old habits of smoking and drinking. While he rediscovered the joy of being illness-free, he also became a target of the local authorities.

He received a phone call from the local street committee office on September 19, 2017. When the caller asked if he was home, Mr. Liang said he was getting ready for a trip back to his hometown. The caller warned him to stay put; otherwise, they’d hunt him down in his hometown.

More than two dozen agents descended on his home less than an hour later. Without showing either an arrest or a search warrant, the police seized him and ransacked his home.

Mr. Liang’s wife returned home in the middle of the chaos. When she tried to stop the police from confiscating her husband’s Falun Gong books, police chief Zheng Yingbiao yelled at her, “Get out of here! Don’t you dare to interfere with our search!”

Mr. Liang’s son grabbed his father’s hand, but the police pried the boy away.

The police left with Mr. Liang and his Falun Gong books. They didn’t give his wife and son a list of confiscated items as required by law.

Mr. Liang remains in Maoning City First Detention Center. His lawyer visited him on October 25 and learned that his client is determined to fight for his constitutional right to freedom of belief, since there is no law in China that deems Falun Gong a crime.