(Minghui.org) My wife began to practice Falun Dafa in 1995. She was incarcerated for seven years and tortured. She refused to give up her faith, and I truly admired her. I began to practice Falun Dafa in May 2015. I am 83-years-old and used to be a member of the communist ruling class.

Before my wife practiced Dafa, she had about a dozen chronic illnesses. She also had a bad temper and was very attached to money. She held tight control over our finances and never really appreciated all that I had done for her.

She began practicing Falun Dafa and recovered from her illnesses within one year. She also became very peaceful and no longer questioned me when I spent money. Her changes are ample proof of the goodness of Falun Dafa.

Protecting My Wife

Although I did not practice Dafa, I always supported her and helped whenever possible. My wife went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Dafa in September 1999 and was arrested and held for 15 days.

She was closely monitored by people from her workplace after that. When she decided to go to Beijing again, I tried to talk her out of it. She did not change her mind, and I thought of ways to cover for her.

When authorities came to look for her, I cooked up a story about her visiting our grandson, so the authorities went to the countryside to look for her–unsuccessfully.

Providing Constant Support

My wife was arrested for doing the exercises outside in 2002. She was held for one day, and her music player was confiscated. A few days later, I went with her to the State Security Bureau to get it back. An official there asked me to take charge of her. I said: “She is doing well enough through her practice of Falun Gong. What's the point of me being in charge of her?”

When she was arrested in May 2002, our home was ransacked. I was taken to the local Domestic Security Division for interrogation, which lasted until the early morning of the next day. I did not provide information that could harm my wife or other practitioners.

She was illegally sentenced to a four-year prison term. Although the prison was far away from home, my daughter and I visited her. I was close to 70 and alone at home. However, no matter how much difficulties I encountered, I never blamed her. Friends and former coworkers told me to divorce her, but I refused to even consider the notion.

She was arrested again in 2007 and held at the provincial brainwashing center for six months. When I was about to leave for the brainwashing center which was far away to demand her release, she was transferred to the local brainwashing center. So, I went to our local 610 Office to demand her release.

She was arrested and taken to the local brainwashing center again in 2012. I once again went to the 610 Office to demand her release.

“At my age, I can't be home alone,” I said. "If you don't release her, then I have to move into your center, so she can take care of me. I've packed my clothes and am ready." Soon enough, they released her.

When people from the local 610 Office, State Security Bureau, local community management committee came to my home to harass us, I told them about the miraculous recoveries from her illnesses that she had made.

I challenged them by asking: “She took cold showers in winter at the detention center, and she ate meals immediately after being on a hunger strike for five days! Who of you would dare to do that?” One of them asked me not to say that in public.

Dafa Cultivation Is Serious

I used to have high blood pressure. I began to practice in May 2015, and my blood pressure was normal within one month. I threw away all my medications and was never healthier.

However, I still indulged in ordinary people's entertainment and did not treat cultivation seriously. In November 2016, I was having trouble swallowing food and began to vomit.

I went to the hospital for some tests and was diagnosed with throat cancer. I received some treatment at the hospital. My blood pressure level was elevated at the hospital but went back to normal when I went home.

Although I felt strange, and I enlightened that Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) might be hinting that medical treatment was not necessary, I continued with the treatments. My health worsened, and it was painful when swallowing. After receiving treatments for about a month, I threw up and could no longer eat any food.

I then began to listen to Master Li's lectures. After an hour, I had a big bowl of rice. Then I stopped the medical treatment. Soon after, my health improved.

Master said,

“Nevertheless, he again takes medicine or uses various treatments to press the sickness back into his body. Surgery can only remove flesh in the superficial physical dimension, while the sickness-karma in another dimension has not been touched at all—it is simply beyond the reach of modern medical technology.” (“Sickness Karma” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Sharing Dafa truths with my wife has helped me strengthen my understandings of Falun Dafa, which also helped strengthen my faith in it.