(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Tang Lihua from Guangan City, Sichuan Province was recently sentenced to a three-year prison term after serving a one and a half year term.

Ms. Tang was arrested on May 16, 2016 when she was studying the Falun Dafa teachings with 17 other practitioners in Guanan City. Fifteen of the practitioners were taken to Bayi Hotel and interrogated. They were cuffed to chairs for over ten hours and placed under either administrative detention or criminal detention. Some were taken to Huaying Detention Center and held for one month.

Ms. Tang was tortured at Bayi hotel. She was hung up by handcuffs to a window, with her toes barely touching the ground. She was also beaten and deprived of sleep. Ms. Tang was held there for 18 days and then taken to the detention center.

Among those arrested and detained were Ms. Tang's husband, mother, and sister. Her father was very sick and receiving IV injections at the time. The police intended to arrest him too but were talked out of it by other practitioners.

Her husband and sister were also tortured, and were forced to pay 40,000 yuan in ransom before being released. Her mother had been detained for 13 days, and the restaurant they had recently opened was forced to close.