(Minghui.org) When the persecution began back in 1999, Falun Dafa exercise sites and Fa study groups were largely shut down. Some practitioners had just started learning the exercises, so their movements were not correct yet. Because there have been few places to gather and do the exercises together since then, some veteran practitioners have forgotten the correct movements.

“Mei” was one of those veteran practitioners. She was diligent when it came to doing the three things these many years, but a few years ago she began showing signs of sickness karma.

First, it was a pain in her leg. She looked inward and recovered. In time, however, she was unable to hold her neck up straight. When she walked, her head leaned forward. She felt bad but didn't know where she fell short.

Several years went by, and her head got lower and lower and her body slumped to one side. She felt worse and worse. One day, she couldn't stand it anymore. With tears rolling down her cheeks, she asked others at the practice site to help her send righteous thoughts.

She said she was not in a good state and felt she couldn't continue cultivating. All she could think about were practitioners who had passed away. She couldn't focus on sending righteous thoughts and didn't dare to go out and clarify the facts for fear that her condition would make Dafa look bad. She was very distressed.

By then we realized that she was being dragged down by interference, so everyone focused on sending righteous thoughts, looking inward, and eliminating the arrangements made by the old forces.

Practitioners “Chong” and “Dong” met with Mei to study the Fa with her and send forth righteous thoughts together. But Mei found it hard to sit still. When she tried to conjoin her hands and hold up her palm, an unknown force pulled her head down further. She sobbed non-stop and soon found herself short of breath.

The other two practitioners ignored what they saw. They said compassionately to Mei, "Sit up. Don't be moved by evil." Mei tried to sit up. They asked her to straighten her back more and asked Teacher to increase his support. It was an enormous effort. They sat and sent righteous thoughts for 20 minutes.

Then they did the Falun Dafa exercises together. Dong discovered that Mei did something incorrectly when Teacher said the verse for the first exercise, "Tathagata Pouring Energy into the Top of the Head." (Falun Gong)

She pressed her head as she brought her hands down. Mei denied it and even took out the book Falun Gong to make her point. Dong said, "Guanding is something Teacher does for us in another dimension, not something we do with intention. It's not a small thing if you change the movements." By then, Mei realized that she had been making this pressing gesture for almost 20 years when she did the first exercise. No wonder her head was leaning forward and down. So dangerous!

The others helped Mei to review and correct all her exercise movements. They encouraged her to read the Fa more and watch the exercise video again. Mei did her best and corrected herself. Everyone else showed their support to strengthen her main consciousness by sending righteous thoughts for her.

When we saw Mei again, we noticed that she'd made a noticeable improvement. She was getting better and better. Mei realized that her previous understanding of the Fa wasn't clear. She was grateful that Teacher had arranged for other practitioners' support. She said she could feel everyone's help when sending righteous thoughts at night because the energy was very strong. After she made the corrections, she could conjoin her hands correctly and was able to sit in the lotus position better. She was also able to sit up straight.

Everyone recognized that they benefited tremendously by helping Mei. Other practitioners found that they also needed to make corrections in their exercise movements.

I would like to suggest that, after group Fa study, make time to focus on improving the exercise movements. I understand that only when we do the three things well will we be able to catch up with Fa-rectification. No detail of our cultivation is a small thing because every single movement is a part of the mechanism that Teacher installs in us. The inner meanings are immense and beyond what we can comprehend with our human brains. We must do what Teacher asks and should not do things according to our own inclinations. Making a slight change in the exercises is a huge mistake in another dimension.

Teacher says,

"It is already difficult, yet still you add this self-imposed tribulation. How can you overcome it? You might come across hardships or troubles as a result of it." (Zhuan Falun)

I decided to write down what we learned through Mei's experience. We need to walk our paths well and pay attention when we do the Falun Dafa exercises so that there will be no gaps for the old forces to exploit.

Please kindly point out anything that is not in keeping with the Fa.