(Minghui.org) Greetings to revered Master. Greetings to fellow practitioners!

I practice law. After I became a Falun Dafa practitioner, I did everything according to the standards of Dafa. I never used the company phone to make private calls, took a case outside of work, or charged fees under the table. I never suggested to a client to bribe the judges. No matter how difficult the cases or clients were, I did everything I could to help them.

That was why my cases always seemed troublesome at first, but after I insisted that we handle things honestly, they were quite effortless. Even when I lost a case, my clients understood. They were generally more disappointed with the Chinese communist regime's legal system than about losing their cases.

I hold myself to Falun Dafa's standards at all times when I fight for people’s rights. Again and again my belief in the Fa has allowed me to see miracles when I worked. The following are some examples.

A man came to me in 2005, saying that he was injured at work. His employer only paid his medical expenses in the beginning and later stopped. They then forced him out of company housing. He wanted to sue his former employer.

I told him that I would charge him 30% of what he got if I won the case and he agreed. Knowing that the money would be used to cover his medical expenses, I decided that 30% was too much. I modified the contract with him and lowered it to 15%. If I weren't a practitioner, I never would have done that.

The man couldn’t give me any relevant evidence to help with his case. Just to prove that he was once an employee of that company, I went everywhere to try to get proof of his employment.

It wasn’t easy. There were a lot of problems, and I was feeling extremely nervous and didn't know what to do. I would write down my feelings in a small notebook so that I could later examine myself to find and eliminate my attachments. The attachments included fear, impatience, and being anxious to get results.

I tried to be what Master says:

“Doing without pursuing”“Quiet without thinking”(“In the Dao” from Hong Yin)

The man came to me 11 months after his injury. The statute of limitations in this kind of case is 12 months after the injury. That left me with only one month to find the proof of employment AND apply for labor arbitration.

Before I became a practitioner, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep or eat when dealing with a time-sensitive case like this. I would worry that my client would crucify me if I couldn’t find enough evidence. I would worry constantly about how to protect myself if I lost the case. The worry and fear in cases like this exhausted me mentally and physically.

Now that I am a practitioner, I follow Master’s teachings to always put others first. I handle my clients’ cases as if they were my own and don't think about the consequences. If I lose the case, I know that I am responsible and should face the outcome openly, instead of hiding from it. I do my best with every case I take.

Take this one, for example. Most employers wouldn’t acknowledge the fact of employment, let alone admit to a work-related injury. I also needed to find out which government agency was responsible for the dispute and file the application to officially confirm employment and demand that the employer take financial responsibility for the injury.

The man didn’t have a pay stub, work ID, or anything to confirm that he was injured while he was working for the company. I went to the three hospitals where the man was treated, and the doctors and the accounting departments worked with me.

After I found out that all the bills were paid in cash and not by check, I was very disappointed. I sat in the third hospital’s accounting office, thinking that this was the end of it. While I was lost in thought, an accountant found a check for 2,000 yuan, out of the hundreds of thousands paid. Now I had verification of the man's employment.

The next step was establishing that his injuries were work related. I realized that my client would only get a maximum of 200,000 yuan in compensation if I filed for a work-injury claim, so I withdrew the case.

After working on it and communicating with the company for a year, I finally got the company to pay a settlement of over 600,000 yuan. The manager told me that if he hadn't thought that I was so professional, he wouldn’t have paid a cent more than the law required.

During that year, it was the Fa that guided me through every step. I put myself in my client’s shoes and was able to close the case peacefully and calmly, which was a very comfortable state of mind.

Through this case I helped my client and six of his friends quit the CCP.

In 2009 an older woman wanted me to help her write up a complaint. I patiently explained to her all the legal aspects of her case and put together the relevant evidence. It concerned a medical issue that had dragged on for 36 years and that had put a big dent in the woman’s health and in the lives of her and her family. I wasn’t sure if I could handle it.

I helped her with all the preparation and suggested that she apply for legal assistance with the Bureau of Justice. Six months later, she came to my office and told me that she only got 5,000 yuan in compensation after the first trial, and that she was filing an appeal.

Each time she walked by my office, she would look in to see if I was there. She would stop by and chat if I was. Each time I would tell her that no matter what, she must remember “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” She would always nod her head.

A veteran’s son got into a fight with his classmate and was almost killed. The prosecutor filed a lawsuit against the classmate, and I represented the plaintiff in a civil compensation suit. The family of the accused bought off the judge and hence didn’t have to pay anything. The accused also managed to get a doctor to say that he had a history of mental problems, and as a result didn’t have to do any prison time. The veteran used to be a loyal CCP member, but after that incident and after I clarified the truth to him, he and his other son quit the CCP and wanted to read Zhuan Falun.

A young man from out of town was on business. The owner of the hotel where he stayed tried to to extort money from him. When that didn't work, the hotel owner beat the young man. At the police station, the officers were polite to the owner and treated the young man like a criminal. The police threatened him and took away his ID. The young man fled the police station and found me.

I went with him to the police station to seek compensation from the owner and to get the police to return his ID. The police chief told me that his station was short on funds and that the owner would donate 1000 yuan to the police station rather than give the young man 500 yuan.

I insisted that the owner be held responsible. An officer took me aside and told me that they were trying to stall and see if the young man from out of town would give up and go home. I told the young man what was going on and how the Chinese Communist Party operated. I asked him if he had heard about Falun Gong. He told me that once when he was in Beijing, a woman practitioner helped him and now another practitioner (me) had helped him again. He asked me for a copy of Zhuan Falun and agreed to quit the CCP. After he left, he has called me many times.

A woman from out of town asked me to help her sue her son so that he would support her financially. She was old and didn’t have any income, so I decided to help her for free.

I learned that during the Cultural Revolution, the woman’s husband had reported her as a counter-revolutionary, and she was imprisoned as a result. While she was in prison, her husband divorced her and remarried. Her husband then sent their youngest son away to the countryside and put his stepson under his household registry using his youngest son’s name. Her youngest son died young for the lack of care.

To this day, her former husband’s stepson still uses her son’s identity. She resented her husband and his stepson and wanted him to fulfill his filial duty. When I found her “son,” he claimed he didn’t know her and refused to take care of her. She later went home because she couldn't afford the hotel expenses.

The next year, the old woman came to me again with 3,000 yuan in her hand, asking me to help her with the lawsuit. Legally she may have had a case, but it wasn’t worth the fight. Win or lose, the 40-year-long resentment was only going to grow after the case started. Her resentment would not go away with the lawsuit, and it would hurt her even more.

I explained to her that I couldn’t take her case and that she’d have to hire someone else. A few days later she returned and told me that she was going home. She didn’t want to sue anymore and didn’t want her ex-husband’s stepson to take care of her. She told me, “Last time you helped me without charging me, and this time you wouldn’t take my case when I could pay. This must be a bad case, and I will let it go.”

I told her about Falun Gong, and that was when I found out that she was a practitioner before 1999. I suggested that she try to pick up the practice again, let go of her resentment, and have a good life with her daughter.

Since I became a practitioner, I tell every client the facts about Falun Dafa. After they understand the truth, many of them realize that I really only want what is best for them, so they trust and confide in me. I've seen how benevolent, peaceful, and grateful people can be after they learn the truth, and they often quit the CCP without hesitation.

I've spent the last dozen years doing my job, and I am very thankful to be given the chance to clarify the truth. I've felt the magnificence and beauty of Falun Dafa every moment.