(Minghui.org) Before we begin, it might be helpful to know: just who is Mr. Tian?

For one, he is well-known for being very filial. He's a generally respected person: his neighbors praise him, thieves listen to him, and even the local Party secretary comes to him for help. He is someone whose words hold influence.

Above all, however – Mr. Tian is a Falun Dafa practitioner in Cangzhou City, Hebei Province.

A Filial Son

When Mr. Tian's mother passed away two years ago, over six hundred people attended her funeral. These weren't relatives or close friends–they only attended because of Mr. Tian's reputation.

His mother had been sick for several years, and for several years, he attended to her every need. She had a reversed sleep schedule: she would sleep during the day and be active at night. So likewise, Mr. Tian accompanied her at night and lost many hours of sleep himself.

She liked moving around, so Mr. Tian kept helping her move from the bed, to the ground, and to the wheelchair. She ate a lot and had to be helped to the bathroom. Some people suggested that he feed her less, but he said there was no need.

When Mr. Tian's uncle saw this, he reprimanded his older brother, who lived in a different city.

“You really owe your brother a lot! He takes care of your mother so well,” he said.

Mr. Tian also grows crops, makes tofu, and also cooks for his wife (who has an office job) and their son (who goes to school). Everybody has a different eating schedule.

A Good Person

Once, a villager was half-drunk and said something bad about Falun Dafa in his stupor. Mr. Tian's neighbor stopped him.

“What is wrong with Falun Dafa? My neighbor Mr. Tian is a practitioner. He is always upbeat, helps others, and never takes advantage of others. If everyone would be like him, we wouldn't even need to lock our doors at night. I am so happy to have such a good neighbor!” he said.

Another time, a villager didn't want to do work and instead kept stealing from other people. Mr. Tian invited him to his home and made friends with him. He then told him about Falun Dafa's teaching of “no loss, no gain.”

The thief stopped stealing shortly afterward.

The Communist Party Secretary of the village, a powerful person, lives across from Mr. Tian. He got his son a good job, but his son often played hooky. His son also treated his wife so badly that she eventually divorced him.

On Chinese New Year's Eve, the Party Secretary cried for his broken family.

He went to ask Mr. Tian to help his son since the two of them had grown up together. Mr. Tian was happy to oblige.

Mr. Tian talked to everyone in the family. Afterwards, as if by magic, the Party Secretary's wife stopped gambling and started memorizing poems from Hong Yin. The secretary's son began to take his job seriously and later even married a Falun Gong practitioner.

The Party Secretary's whole family treated Mr. Tian as their respected benefactor.

Many people in the village would greet Mr. Tian by saying, “Hi Mr. Tian! Falun Dafa is good!”

A Falun Dafa Practitioner

Mr. Tian has been practicing Falun Dafa for twenty years. When Jiang Zemin, former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader, banned the practice and began persecuting practitioners in 1999, Mr. Tian was arrested, beaten, and detained at a brainwashing center for his beliefs. But he has never given them up.

Mr. Tian went out to distribute materials to help people understand Falun Gong one evening. His wife, who didn't understand why he was so devoted to Falun Dafa, locked him out.

Mr. Tian stayed very calm and tried to reason with her through their window.

“Dear, it is my fault that I haven't helped you fully understand Falun Gong. It teaches people the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Whoever is against this principle and listens to the CCP's words will receive their just due. I'm telling people all this to help and save them. One cannot live only for himself. We have benefited through Falun Dafa, so we need to tell people the facts,” he said.

“Dear, I know that you have suffered a lot these years because of me. But the clouds cannot block the sun forever, and good people will be rewarded. However, if you really feel sorry to be my wife and want a divorce, I am okay with that. But please think about it: nowadays, where can you find someone like me who does all the heavy work and truly loves you?”

The door opened. His wife never stopped him from going out again.

His older brother was against him practicing Falun Dafa. But when his company sent him overseas, he was shocked when he found that even foreigners spoke up for Falun Dafa practitioners' human rights.

Several police officers came to Mr. Tian's home in August 2017. They asked him to stop practicing Falun Gong.

“I need to practice. It's such a good practice, so how can I not follow it?” replied Mr. Tian.

The police then said, “Just do the exercises at home then. Don't go out.”

“You think I want to go out every night (to distribute materials about Falun Gong)? It is the CCP's fault; if they didn't start this persecution, I wouldn't have to do that. Please stop following Jiang Zemin. His right-hand man Zhou Yongkang was just arrested – he can't even protect Zhou, so do you think he will protect you? Gentlemen, please think of your own futures,” he said.

The policemen left without saying much else.