(Minghui.org) My mother told me the story of how as a baby I developed a bump on my neck, which turned out to be a cyst. The doctor prescribed medication to reduce the cyst, because I was too young for surgery. For the next 10 years, the bump kept returning. It hurt, and they took me hospitals, but nothing helped.

My mother was practicing Falun Dafa and I began to practice with her. My bump then disappeared on August 11, 1998, and I have not taken any medicine since then. My life has improved in many ways. My fear is gone, and I can walk in the dark at night and stay home alone.

I follow the Dafa standards and live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I am a good student at school and do not fight with the others even when bullied and provoked. At home I am a good daughter, doing chores and not being picky about the clothes I wear and food I eat. I am happy and feel my life is fulfilled.

After my father saw the changes in my mom he started to practice Falun Dafa in 1999. My father used to be a stubborn man, had a bad temper and was addicted to alcohol. He developed chronic stomach pain and had to eat slowly, and also be careful with what he ate. For two decades he drank heavily, and when he was drunk, he would abuse my mother.

After my father began to practice Dafa, his stomach problem was cured. His personality changed. Now he is happy all the time and he quit drinking.

My father became a nice person. He is honest and kind and likes to help others. He expects nothing in return for his kindness. His dramatic change impressed our relatives and neighbors. Thus, they praise Falun Dafa.

We live in the northeastern alpine region, and we get a lot of snow throughout the winter. My father cleans sidewalks early in the morning, often before the neighbors get up. He has been keeping all the sidewalks clear of snow for many years without expecting any thanks or payment.

A young man in the neighborhood never shovels any snow but will watch my father do it from his apartment. Some of the other neighbors think he is lazy and told my father he should not clean his sidewalk. My father just smiles and says it is okay. Now everyone can walk on the cleared path.

My father found a cell phone in 2000 that was worth a lot of money. It took him a couple hours but he was able to find the owner and return his phone to him.

The happy owner wanted to give my father a cash reward, but he told him he practices Falun Dafa and could not accept any money.