(Minghui.org) I have been a Falun Dafa practitioner for more than 20 years. I would like to share some of my experiences in overcoming tribulations.

About ten years ago, my mother, who is also a Dafa practitioner, suddenly began to sweat profusely. She also complained of severe nausea and extreme weakness, symptoms that mimicked signs of a heart attack. Her condition shocked my father into tears.

As I helped my mother to lie down, I suddenly realized that the evil forces were making use of my mother in order to test me. I firmly rejected their arrangement and told my mother, “We are Dafa practitioners. Master has already cleansed our bodies and we should not view ourselves as ordinary people.”

My mother nodded in agreement. I continued to encourage her, reinforcing her righteous thoughts. Within five minutes, she sat up and told us she had recovered. My father and I marveled at the amazing powers of Dafa.

From this incident, I learned that it is very important for practitioners to eliminate their feelings of fear and place their trust in Master and the Fa.

In 2006, I suffered a sudden severe pain in my side. Unable to stand, I was confined to bed. Although fellow practitioners helped to send forth righteous thoughts, my condition continued to worsen until I was almost completely immobile.

The sight of my husband and son doing the household chores shocked me into wakefulness. “I am a Dafa practitioner. How can I continue to lie here, pretending to be an ordinary person suffering from illness?”

Taking advantage of the fact that there was nobody home, I forced myself to stand and went to do the laundry, forcing myself to ignore the pain as I vigorously scrubbed the clothes on a washboard. Within minutes, the pain in my side vanished and I knew that I had overcome another tribulation.

I was persecuted for my belief in Dafa and sentenced to a period of imprisonment. After my release near the end of 2012, I began experiencing severe pain and increased frequency of urination. I also saw blood in my urine. The local hospital ran some tests and found that my urine contained abnormally high levels of red blood cells and my white blood cell count was also elevated. The consulting doctor was so disconcerted he declined to treat me and recommended I consult a specialist.

I told myself that a practitioner did not suffer from diseases and to believe in Master and the Fa. However, my symptoms showed no signs of improvement and I started to ask myself, “Do you truly have complete faith in Master and Dafa?”

I began searching inwards and discovered that doubt still existed in my heart. I was afraid my condition would worsen and was hoping for a miracle recovery. The further realization that the evil forces were trying to lead me astray through the creation of this tribulation reinforced my righteous thoughts and belief in Dafa. Within two hours, my symptoms amazingly vanished, much to the surprise of my worried family.

In 2016, I suddenly experienced symptoms of light-headedness, dizziness, fever, and nausea. The debilitating discomfort left me unable to get out of bed. I knew that this was a tribulation set by the evil forces. To counter this, I sent forth righteous thoughts hourly and recited the Fa in my mind nonstop. Whenever I experienced moments of discouragement, depression, or hopelessness, I would recite the Fa to block out all negative thoughts and reinforce my faith.

I recovered within three days. From this, I learned that, as long as practitioners' faith in Master remains firm, Master will help us overcome any tribulation.

Further reflection after my recovery led me to the realization that the evil had taken advantage of my attachments to create this tribulation. Preoccupied with my daily tasks, I had neglected to study the Fa. Due to my pride and show-off mentality, I began to look down on fellow practitioners. I sought an easy life and tried to avoid problems. Unable to let go of my emotional attachments to my child, I harbored resentment and sought compensation from the ordinary person who had hurt him. My actions were unbecoming of a Dafa practitioner.

A month ago, I visited a fellow practitioner who had just returned from the hospital. She told me that she had been diagnosed with cancer, which caused her much discomfort, incontinence, and pain. She told me, “I thought I could be treated at the hospital, recover, and then focus on cultivation. My level of understanding is not good. Will I still be able to follow Master home?”

Fellow practitioners began to visit her at home and study the Fa with her. Soon, she was able to sit up on her own, read the Fa, and send forth righteous thoughts.

This incident taught me the importance of keeping steady righteous thoughts, especially when helping other practitioners overcome tribulations.

In the face of this persecution and other tribulations arranged by the evil forces, it is important for us to view things from the perspective of the Fa, have righteous thoughts, recognize and reject the evil arrangements, and place our trust in Master and Dafa.