(Minghui.org) I saw a young man on the street and asked him if he was a student. He said he wasn't. I then talked to him about Falun Dafa and the persecution of the practice by the Chinese Communist regime.

“You may remember that in junior high, you read about the ' Self Immolation on Tiananmen Square' in the political science textbook,” I said. “It was a propaganda stunt staged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to frame Falun Dafa, and many people around the world know it.”

“Falun Dafa is practiced around the world but is persecuted only in China,” I continued. “Since 1999, the persecution has caused the deaths of thousands of practitioners, and the CCP has been harvesting organs from practitioners for profit.

“The CCP will disintegrate because of its crimes against humanity, and its members will eventually meet with retribution. I can help you withdraw from the Party so that you can avoid the future calamity.”

The young man replied that he had graduated from the police academy. I said, “Graduating from the police academy cannot guarantee anything. The CCP is very corrupt. The officials only care about themselves and not the common folk. We are Chinese and not offspring of Marx and Lenin. The Soviet Communist Party was once very powerful, and it eventually collapsed!”

The young man then said that he worked for the Domestic Security Division. I asked him, “Have you ever met a Falun Dafa practitioner who behaved like the ones in the 'self-immolation’ hoax? True practitioners are very kind.”

This time the young man nodded in agreement. He said that he was a member of the CCP and wanted to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations.