(Minghui.org) I'm a woman in my 60s who had many illnesses after marriage. When I learned Falun Gong, I felt that this was not an ordinary qigong that teaches people to keep fit. The principles in the book are more important and should be treasured by humanity because it teaches people to be kind. Since then, I have studied the Fa every day.

I did not have many opportunities for education because of the Cultural Revolution. I only knew some of the words, but Master and Dafa opened up my wisdom. I could follow along when reading Dafa books and, very soon, I was able to read Zhuan Falun and all of the other lectures.

I also learned how to write and copied some words from the truth-clarification materials to currency. I watched and learned how practitioners repaired laser-jet printers at the material production sites.

I did not have money nor eloquence, and Master and Dafa gave me everything. When there was a need to do something during Fa-rectification, I learned how to do it.

Master Taught Me How to Use a Computer

I traveled a great distance to a practitioner's place to learn how to make my own truth-clarification materials. I went there only twice, as I could not afford the travel fare. Practitioners with technical expertise asked if I learned how to print the materials. I confidently said yes, but deep in my heart I was not confident. However, I believed that there is nothing that Master and Dafa could not do.

When I returned home, I turned on the computer and looked at my notes. After typing the password and accessing the system, I did not know how to continue. My mind was blank. I was so anxious that I cried. After crying, I asked Master for help.

At this moment, the computer screen popped out four words in blue (it's a pity I could not remember these four words now). I understood that the four words covered the procedures on how to operate the computer.

I held the mouse after the words disappeared and the mouse automatically pointed to a certain folder. Once I opened it, I realized that it contained the documents that I needed. When I had to solve another problem, the mouse automatically came to another folder and what I needed was in that folder.

This happened repeatedly for two to three days until I learned everything.

Master taught me how to log on to the Internet, download files, copy, paste, print, and do other tasks. I could now make truth-clarification materials independently.

Master Looked After Me Amidst the Red Terror

The persecution in my hometown was very severe in the summer of 2012, and several factors forced me to leave the material production site.

The day after I left, someone used the excuse of checking the electric meter to enter the house where the production site was. When I returned home after two weeks, all the production sites were destroyed; all of the local practitioners working on the project were arrested and sentenced. Their prison terms ranged between four to 12 years.

There were no more material production sites in my hometown, so no one could read “Minghui Weekly” or get the truth-clarification materials to pass out. This also caused those practitioners who did not help before become more afraid of coming forward.

I understood why this happened: some practitioners at the production site did not handle finances and production operations in a professional manner. Everyone used their cell phones and desk phones to communicate, and some practitioners had gaps in their cultivation.

I felt that I could not ignore this situation in the harsh environment, as I am a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple.

Master said,

“You folks can't just go and abandon a person without trying hard enough. No matter what kind of mistakes someone has made, or what kind of a person he is, I still want to give him a chance. Of course, in human society there are, after all, a number of people who aren't good enough anymore, so just let them be. Today I'm mainly saying that our Dafa disciples need to do better, and we should cherish those who have obtained the Fa.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Chicago Conference” in Teaching the Fa at the Conference IV)

In order to enable practitioners who have not caught up with the progress of Fa-rectification to read “Minghui Weekly,” I got a job so that I could rent a house to produce the materials. My income was only 700 yuan a month, and the rental cost 400 yuan.

To save time, I used half a day to complete a day's work and studied three lectures of Fa every day. The rest of my time was used to prepare the materials with the computer and printer provided by practitioners from another area. I used my income to buy printing paper and to save money, I did not buy vegetables or clothes. I often collected vegetables leaves to eat and old clothes to wear.

Before the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party, police vehicles could be seen on most streets. A police vehicle with cameras and antennas on top of it was parked below the building where I lived. I heard this was set up to detect and check the Internet activity of residents. The police vehicle was parked there for 40 days and did not leave until after the congress.

It was very difficult to break through the firewall due to interference; once I could not get onto Minghui.org for four consecutive days. During those four days, I had a heavy heart and could not eat or drink. I kept thinking that if I could not give practitioners “Minghui Weekly” on Friday, they would think that I was arrested or something had happened.

I started crying and burned incense to Master for help. Soon I broke through the Internet firewall and got onto Minghui.org. The materials were downloaded and printed smoothly. I thanked Master for helping me.

Although the environment was harsh, under Master's protection, I was not the least afraid. I delivered the materials every week to over 40 practitioners by putting the materials in a big bag. As I carried it over my shoulders, I hummed the song “Falun Dafa is good” and walked past many police officers.

Some practitioners who lived closer to me asked me not to send the materials over as the congress got closer, and some put a box in front of their house so that I could put the materials there at a fixed time. For practitioners who lived farther away, they came over to collect the materials.

Master said,

“When you take each trial or each tribulation as a good opportunity for improvement and let go of it, you will be able to pass the test. Some people find their tribulations very big in cultivation practice, but actually they are not. The bigger you find them, the bigger they will become and the smaller you will become. If you do not care and do not put them on your mind, with the master and the Fa here what is there to fear? As long as the green mountains remain, there is no fear of having no firewood to burn. Ignore them! Once you give them up, you will find that the tribulations have become smaller and you have become bigger. You will overcome them in one step, and the tribulations will become nothing. It is guaranteed to be this way.” (“Lecture in Sydney”)

For two months, I delivered the materials every week and practitioners who did not step forward started coming out to put up posters, distribute materials, and clarify the truth face-to-face.

One month later, a three withdrawals list was given to me and the list showed 30 people who had done the three withdrawals. On the fourth month, the number of people on the list doubled, and five months later, the list had 90 names on it.

I felt so happy when I saw the paper filled with the names.

I heard that an elderly female practitioner went to the area around the municipal police department and the dormitory where families of the police officers lived, and put up truth-clarification materials during the night. I was very happy to hear this. When practitioners step forward, there is hope for sentient beings to be saved. This is what Master wants!

A practitioner came to me when the material production site had operated for seven months. He said that he had searched for me for a few years and, as my financial situation was bad, he found a job with a salary of 3,500 yuan. The job only required me to work half a day. I could use the afternoon to study the Fa and clarify the truth. The problem was that the workplace was in another area.

Master said,

“As their master, I won't leave behind a single Dafa disciple in Mainland China, except for those who've gone over to the opposite side and can no longer be saved. (Applause) I'm thinking of all of them.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2004 Western U.S. Fa Conference” in Teaching the Fa at the Conference V)

I said to the practitioner, “The practitioners in my hometown were not able to read “Minghui Weekly” for four years and did not catch up with the Fa-rectification’s progress. They are Master's disciples. Master has brought them here and has to bring them back. So, it is more important to let practitioners read “Minghui Weekly” and have the materials for them to follow the Fa-rectification progress.

The practitioner didn't say much and left.

During this time, something amazing happened. There was a problem with the computer system and the computer had to be restored. I left the computer’s restore disk at home, which was very far from the material production site. It would take me three hours to retrieve it and I could only use the night time to collect it.

I thought about what I would do. The next day when I finished work and returned to the site, I saw that the drawer was slightly ajar. I opened it and saw the computer restore disk inside. Master had brought it over for me and left the drawer ajar so that I would not miss it. I was so excited that I cried and knelt down to thank Master.

I live alone and usually do not stay in contact with other practitioners. I do not have anyone to talk with if I run into problems. However, when I do have problems, Master helps me.

Master said,

“Dafa disciples, you are golden light in the mortal world, the hope of the world’s people, Fa-disciples who help Master, and future Fa-Kings. Keep diligent, Awakened Ones that walk the earth: Everything of today will be the glory of the future.” (“Congratulatory Message” in The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol. III)

As a small being, I felt very fortunate and honored to be able to be in the same world with the Fa.

Master Arranged a Job for Me

Once, when I brought my grandchild along to clarify the truth, I happened to come across a brick factory and there were many workers inside. Seeing so many sentient beings, I had a thought to save them.

A few days later, a new practitioner told me, “The chef of this brick factory has left. His salary was 2,000 yuan. Do you want to work here?” I knew that this was Master's arrangement and agreed.

The factory was located near a mountain and the living environment was very bad. Water had to be taken from a cellar and it was more expensive than flour and vegetables. The workers could only eat wheat-based food and often the buns that they ate had turned moldy.

In actuality, my financial situation was not good and I usually ate simple meals. However, I believed that if I needed to save people, Master would help me. When I steamed the buns, they turned out to be big and white, as they were supposed to be. The workers held the buns happily in their hands and shouted, “Look! Doesn't this look good?”

Everyone came over to eat while praising the buns. Later, I bought bitter beans and turmeric to make mandarin rolls so as to improve the worker's food.

Other than cooking three meals a day, I used the rest of my time to study three lectures from Zhuan Falun and also clarify the truth to workers. Within a month, all of the workers in the factory had done the three withdrawals; even the drivers, their friends, and family quit the organization.

Master said,

“Whatever it is that you encounter, the first thought should be to scrutinize yourself, and it’s called ‘looking within.’” (“What is a Dafa Disciple” in Teaching the Fa at the Conference XI)

I always strictly follow Dafa requirements because I need to validate Dafa, I have to show sentient beings the image of a Dafa disciple, and let them know that Falun Dafa is good. The evil is persecuting Falun Gong by using money to poison people, but Dafa disciples are validating the Fa and saving sentient beings with our hearts.

One month later, the factory director disappeared after taking out a loan under the table and not repaying the money. I did not receive my salary of 2,000 yuan. I had done a month of free labor.

When my relatives and friends heard about this, they felt it was unfair and wanted me to pursue compensation; however, I did not feel that I was suffering. When I looked at the two pieces of paper that were filled with a list of people who quit the Party, I felt satisfied and happy.

The many tribulations that I overcame these 18 years showed me that Master is the greatest and the Fa is the greatest. If Master did not protect me and I did not do the three things well, I would not be able to overcome the brutal persecution that I experienced in the labor camp.

As the persecution is still ongoing, I hope that those practitioners who have tribulations will believe in Master and Dafa, and also believe that there is nothing that Master and Dafa cannot do.

Thank you, Master and fellow practitioners. Heshi.