(Minghui.org) I felt bad yesterday after I found a few Dafa books mingled among some random stuff in an old box while cleaning my house. This was not the first time that I found Dafa books in an inappropriate place.

I rent this house from a fellow practitioner. After I moved in, I found some Dafa books in an old worn out bag left on the table. I didn't think much of it, assuming the practitioner was in a hurry to let me move in.

A few years back, a practitioner and I rented an apartment from another practitioner. We found many old boxes left in the apartment where some Dafa books were stacked between other truth-clarification materials and Minghui Weekly publications.

I noticed that some of the books were edited and printed poorly and tainted. So we took them out and respectfully stored them in a proper place.

There were other occasions when I didn't treat Dafa books with respect.

Shortly after I obtained the Fa a decade ago, due to a lack of books, I had printed Dafa books privately and some were printed incorrectly.

I downloaded digital Dafa books and passed them on to other practitioners. I quoted Master's words in my messages to others on social media.

Through Fa study, I learned that these behaviors were disrupting the Fa. I immediately stopped doing those things and had published a solemn statement [on Minghui website] to apologize for my poor behavior.

When I lived at home with my family, my younger brother tore a Dafa book in a quarrel with me. Then I put the book on top of the headboard of my bed (the old country style bed with a thick headboard). I knew it was not an appropriate place for a Dafa book but I was afraid my family would hide it from me if I left it somewhere else, so I just kept it there.

During group Fa study, I saw several pages from Zhuan Falun that had fallen out. I repaired some by using double-sided tape, but one book was almost torn apart so I didn't touch it and left it for more experienced practitioners.

I began to think why I kept seeing things like this. I believe it was to show me that I wasn't respecting Master and the Fa.

The lack of respect can appear in other situations, too, like thinking of other matters while studying the Fa, using personal understandings to define the Fa, imposing personal understandings onto fellow practitioners to show off and pursue fame.

Besides properly storing Dafa books, pictures of Master and other Dafa scriptures, practitioners should keep their houses clean and tidy. Because Master's law bodies are with us, a practitioner should also have good hygiene.

Here I want to apologize to Master for not respecting Him and the Fa in the past.

I also want to remind fellow practitioners to search their homes for Dafa books and scriptures and properly store them with respect.

The above is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.