(Minghui.org) Master said,

“Group Fa study is what I left for everyone, and group exercise is what I left for everyone. Other than in situations of severe persecution, it should be done this way in other areas outside mainland China. There is no reason not to do it, as it relates to the issue of the future humans obtaining the Fa and cultivating. Therefore, group exercise and group Fa study is not something you can do without.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

Despite the persecution, our local group of practitioners has met in my home for many years.

Sometimes practitioners want to take a break and drink water while we read the Fa. So I prepared 7 cups which I kept in a box. One afternoon, after they left I was putting the cups back into the box, but could only find five cups. I looked everywhere, but could not find the other two cups.

I told everyone about this during our next meeting. After we discussed it, we all felt that something was being pointed out to us.

When Master gave lectures, he sometimes talked for one or two hours without drinking water or taking a break. However, not only did we drink, we also walked around or talked during Fa study. We felt that our actions were not respectful of Master or the Fa.

In their experience-sharing articles published on Minghui.org some practitioners say that when they study the Fa they hold Zhuan Falun with both hands, and sit cross-legged.

We felt that we were doing well because we were able to persist in our group Fa study during the severest part of the persecution. However, over time, we relaxed. We took breaks, sipped water and chatted. We did not realize that by doing this we were disrespecting Master and the Fa.

This is not a trivial matter. After we realized this we focused on Fa study. Now, no one walks around, talks or drinks while we read the Fa.

One morning I walked into the living room, and there sat the two missing cups! I immediately told the others and we were all very touched: Master is taking care of us every moment.

I hope that we all realize that cultivation is very serious. We need to respect Master and the Fa and do the three things well.

I sincerely thank Master for leaving us the formality of group Fa study.