(Minghui.org) I talked to a vegetable vendor about Falun Dafa one day in 2015. He listened to me very carefully and showed great respect for Falun Dafa. We chatted for a long time.

While we were talking, a middle-aged man picked out some beans from the vendor's stand and handed them to him. The vendor put the beans on the scale and told the man that the cost was two yuan. The man searched his pockets but couldn't find any yuan. He looked a bit embarrassed and said that he forgot to bring his money and wouldn’t buy the beans.

“Please don't leave. I have change. Let me pay for you,” I said as I handed the money to the vendor.

The man didn't want to accept my offer and left. I grabbed the bag with the beans and caught up with him. He then took the beans from me.

After I got back to the vendor to get my vegetables, to my surprise he gave me one yuan. I asked him what it was for.

“You Falun Dafa people are very kind. Let me chip in for half the cost—I have to,” he replied.

“I can't take your money,” I said.

He insisted, however, and I finally agreed. After that, he shared some details about his life.

He was 75 years old and had graduated from a vocational school. But his wife had gotten very little education and was nearly illiterate. When Falun Dafa was spread to our local area in the 90s, his wife began to practice it. Reading was very difficult for her but she wanted to study the teachings.

Luckily, he was very supportive of her need to read. When she wanted to study, he read aloud, and she followed along. After a while, she could read almost all of the book Zhuan Falun by herself.

He said the only reason he didn’t practice Falun Dafa was because he couldn't endure doing the exercises. But he had been holding himself to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in his words and actions. Because of that, Master had protected him in three car accidents.

The first accident occurred in front of a shopping mall that was under construction. A car hit him, and he was thrown some distance away. He lost consciousness when he landed on the ground. The driver tried to run away, but some bystanders stopped him.

The driver took him to the nearby hospital, where he was kept for 15 days. The driver came to visit him twice, but he didn't ask the driver for a penny in compensation. He said, “The driver didn't hit me on purpose. He didn't have an easy life either.”

The second accident occurred in the summer. He was walking on the road when a motorcycle hit him from behind. Again he was thrown up into the air before crashing to the ground. The bystanders thought he must be dead. The driver was scared to death and quickly drove away. The man's injuries were not that serious—only his hip was slightly hurt.

The motorcyclist was an electrician who worked at a nearby construction site, and his safety helmet had fallen off during the accident. The elderly man found where the electrician worked and delivered the helmet to him the next day.

The third incident happened last year. He was walking down the road when his clothing was caught by a passing car. He was dragged to the ground. The driver quickly pulled over and asked if he and his wife could take him to the hospital. He got up and said that he was not injured and they could leave. The couple in the car were very touched.

All of the vendor's six children think well of Dafa. They are honest, kind, and respectful to their parents. They have their own families and live good lives.

He said, “I am already 75, and I was in three car accidents. With Master protecting me, things turned out fine and I am illness-free. If it were not for Master's care, I would already be gone. I can't pay him back for that no matter what I do.”

“Though you don't practice Falun Dafa, you support your wife and also study the Fa,” I replied. “You have been following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in your day-to-day life and thinking about others first. Since you are a good person, Master protects you.”

“Our whole family has benefited from Dafa cultivation,” he said.