(Minghui.org) Recently my cultivation state declined after I stopped producing truth-clarification materials.

I found that I had to let go of life and death when I was producing and distributing these materials. Under surveillance of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I had to hold the strongest righteous thoughts. I even had to let go of the fear for my own personal safety in order to save people.

After I no longer produced truth-clarification information, I thought I was safe. I began speaking in a loud, boastful voice, thinking there was nothing to fear.

Actually, there was a loophole in my thinking. I was protecting myself, thinking that an everyday person's approach was more practical. My thoughts were not on the Fa. My cultivation level had dropped.

I should maintain a strong, righteous field at all times, dissolving the evil without relaxing.

I remembered when I started to do any kind of Dafa work, I got very involved and focused. My mind often thought about these things so much that I could not study the Fa or send forth righteous thoughts without it straying away. My mind fell into the trap of doing things.

Behind the attachment of doing things was the thought that I was important; My thoughts and ideas were important. However, it turned out that things did not go smoothly when I proceeded according to my wishes. Even many fellow practitioners felt my ideas were not that important. I did not enlighten to this and insisted on doing things my way.

I found that this was a fundamental attachment to oneself; the attachment to doing what I wanted to do.

I should take myself more lightly. Master is doing everything. I should not think that we have the power to change anything. Master has planned it all, he is the one who is doing everything.

When we let things take their course naturally, the end result usually is good. It is because Master wants us to elevate. Master takes our cultivation path to be of the utmost importance. I believe we can fulfill the mission of saving sentient beings only if we cultivate well. We have to be harmonious with our environment. But if we go against the flow of things, that is an everyday person's conduct.

I cannot depend on my human intelligence, I have to let go of myself to deal well with these matters. I need to change to follow Master’s wishes, elevate my xinxing and follow Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance every moment of my life. This can be accomplished by conducting myself with a calm heart without pursuing the end result. That is true cultivation!