(Minghui.org) Making phone calls to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa to Chinese people improved my xinxing and helped me gain a clearer understanding of the Fa.

Looking Within

When making three phone calls to tell the facts about Dafa, every single Chinese person maligned Master and wanted to know why I called them so many times.

As this was the first time for me to experience such a backlash, I was certain that this was not coincidental, but a sign that some of my attachments needed to be removed.

To find the bad substances in my dimensional field, I looked within in terms of respecting Master and the Fa. But I could not find a problem and thought that I was always very respectful to the Fa.

After a lot of thought I realized that I still did not respect the Fa at all times. For instance, I did not always sit in the lotus position during Fa-study, did not pay full attention when reading the Fa, became absent minded when sending forth righteous thoughts, and did not enter into full tranquility when meditating.

My looking within made me realize that the people I called questioned my sincerity because I lacked compassion and had a selfish mentality. This meant that I did not cultivate well, and thus could not really help these people understand Dafa.

Then the callers who answered two of my calls both asked if I was angry. The first time, I just ignored it, but when the second person asked the same question, I looked within and realized that I was foggy-headed, not alert, and very fatigued. I had found the attachment to seeking comfort. I became clear minded and alert the next day and thus was more successful in my truth-clarification efforts.

Truth Clarification to Upper Level Officials

It was especially important to talk to the secretaries of the Political and Legal Affairs Committees, directors of the 610 Offices, directors of the Domestic Security Divisions, and other officials about Falun Dafa.

A deputy secretary of the local Political and Legal Affairs Committee was active in the persecution of Falun Dafa for more than ten years and involved in almost all the persecution cases at the local level. He did not answer the phone during the day or at night.

I asked Master to help me get ahold of him. The next time I called, the man picked up the phone, but immediately hung up. I called him again and this time he spoke. He went on and on, and I just picked up a few words here and there; however, I felt that he said something along the lines of the Party paying his salary. I immediately told him, “Secretary Wu, today I am talking only about you, not the Party. If you continue to participate in the persecution, what do you think will happen in the end?” He became silent.

This was an opportunity to help him realize that he would be investigated by the international community. After all the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong was already looking into many of the authorities throughout China who have participated in the persecution. And such an investigation would involve his family. It seemed that he was starting to understand the magnitude of our conversation

“You should study closely the policies promulgated by Xi Jinping since he came to power,” I said.. “Take a close look. There is no excuse, such as being retired or transferred, that could extricate you from what you have done. No one will bear the responsibility for you. You must take the responsibility yourself.”

The phone call lasted for eight minutes. Though he did not make clear his stance, I could feel that he was listening and thinking.

Each time I have made phone calls, I have regarded them as tests of my cultivation state. When I found myself lacking, I would look within to find any deficiency in my cultivation so that I could rectify myself based on the Fa.