(Minghui.org) I was looking for a place where I could safely clarify the truth about Falun Dafa over the phone. When I arrived near a river bank, there were two women and a man who asked me whether I could take them to the beach. I said that I could take them, so they offered to pay me.

I told them I would take them for free, but they said that they would not get in the car unless I accepted their money. They finally agreed to the ride however, since I said I would be passing by that area anyway.

They confided in me, “We met a good person today. It’s a long way to walk from the bus station to the beach. We had waited for quite a while, and no cars passed by.”

I said, “It’s predestined. Do you believe in a predestined relationship?” One of the women knew about this, so I continued by saying, “There was a Daoist saying that when two persons meet each other without saying a word, it’s predestined from five hundred years. Today, three of you got in my car. That’s a huge predestined relationship, isn’t it?” They agreed.

I said, “I cultivate Buddhahood. My Master teaches us to be considerate of others when encountering anything. We follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I cultivate Falun Dafa. Have you heard about this cultivation practice?” They said they had heard about it.

“Do not believe the lies of the government-owned media,” I said. “Jiang Zemin made up those lies to pave the road for persecuting Falun Gong. The Self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square was fabricated.” I went into greater detail about this incident and asked them to think about it carefully, “You will see through the lies easily.”

They agreed with me, and one of them said, “My mother believes in a Buddha. It’s not a crime having a faith. I can tell that you are a kind person.” I told them that all Falun Dafa practitioners are good people.

When we arrived at the beach, I told them about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and explained that it would keep them safe when the CCP disintegrates and is held accountable for its crimes.

I told them, “There are three withdrawals. You made an oath when you joined the Party. So you should quit both the CCP and its youth organizations, and void the oath that pledged your life to the CCP.” They agreed to doing the withdrawals after I gave them pseudonyms to submit online.