(Minghui.org) Ever since fellow practitioners encouraged me in the fall of 2003 to join the team that clarifies the truth through phone calls to China, I have been persistently making calls for a couple of hours every day for the past 14 years without missing a single day.

I'm not an articulate person. I remember how badly my hands shook the first time I picked up the phone. A fellow practitioner told me to start with “Falun Dafa is good” and then read a script for as long as the person on the other end would continue to listen.

I join my team members on a platform to make phone calls on Sundays, and I make calls by myself on other days. I used to go to the garage with my landlord's cordless phone to make calls early in the morning so I wouldn't disturb my family members' sleep. Even though it's chilly in the garage in winter, I stood there for two hours making truth-clarification phone calls.

After my daughter bought me a cell phone, things became much easier. I could go to the mall, the supermarket, or any other quiet place to make calls. Things got even easier after we bought our own house. It has become part of my life to make calls to China for a couple of hours every day.

I have met with a wide variety of responses. On one occasion, a retired government official answered my call. The conversation started cordially, but as soon as I mentioned “Falun Dafa is good,” he jumped with anger and said a lot of negative things. While sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors manipulating him, I said calmly, “Don't be upset! If Jiang Zemin hadn't slandered and persecuted Falun Gong out of his jealousy, I wouldn't have made this international call to you, and you wouldn't have been mad at me. I'm actually delivering a message containing valuable facts to you.” He calmed down a little. I told him about the true story of the self-immolation hoax on Tiananmen Square, Jiang Zemin's betrayal of China, quitting the Communist Party, etc. He finally understood and decided to quit the Party himself and on behalf of his whole family. He was so thankful for my call that he said he would like to invite me to dinner if I get a chance to visit China.

There are many people like him who initially said negative things but eventually quit the communist organizations, including workers, farmers, students, legal professionals, government employees, officials, soldiers, and police officers. They thanked me repeatedly, and many of them offered to take me out for dinner if I get a chance to visit.

I have encountered many difficulties since the very first day I made phone calls on our team platform. However, I realized the importance of this form of truth clarification and my responsibility in this project. Master has arranged everything on my path of cultivation for my improvement. I eventually broke through my human notions and persevered. Thinking back, I'm very grateful to all fellow practitioners involved in the platform. Making calls from the platform is different from making calls from my cell phone. I didn't understand the basic operations at first. The practitioner who served as technical support patiently taught me the process step by step. My new computer completely malfunctioned soon afterward. This practitioner then helped me repair it several times and eventually helped me install another computer and test that everything worked. I stayed calm during the downtime. While sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference, I continued to make calls to the numbers I had in hand, and I didn't miss a single day.

I learned to deal with various issues with righteous thoughts. I know that I'm a Falun Dafa disciple who helps Master with Fa rectification and saving sentient beings. Nothing can disturb me.

Most of the people I call have compassion and are willing to learn the facts. However, they dare not listen due to the pressure in China. I followed Master's instructions to do my best to clarify the facts to them. Some of them wanted me to leave a message. Some didn't say a word but stayed on the phone. I knew they wanted to hear more, so I seized the precious time to tell them the most important information. Some of them started talking with me after I called them several times. One man said, “I’ve gotten many calls from you. I understand this. One of my friends' daughters was arrested in Daqing a few days ago. I managed to get her released. Thank you! You don't have to call again. I know how to handle such things now.”

With the progress of Fa rectification, fewer and fewer people say negative things or are too afraid to speak, and more and more are willing to listen to me. Some told me their honest opinion. On one occasion, a village official and a policeman told me over the phone, “We know you are good people. We know in our hearts. Don't worry!” I told them that local authorities across China have recently been refusing to arrest or convict any Falun Dafa practitioners. I advised them to follow this trend and make wise choices for themselves. I sincerely wished them a bright future.

Master has told us,

“In this final hour of the Fa rectification, cultivate yourselves solidly every step of the way and accomplish your mission of saving people.” (“To the Fa Conference in France”)

I would like to say to my fellow practitioners that we should stay diligent in cultivation like when we started; never slack off or leave regrets. Let's be well-qualified Dafa disciples who don't let Master down.

The above is my limited understanding. Please feel free to point out anything inappropriate.