(Minghui.org) As the Mid-Autumn festival approaches, ethnic minority Falun Dafa practitioners in China sent in their greetings to wish revered Master Li a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Some of the well-wishers reported how excited they were to see their ethnic dances featured in Shen Yun performances. Even though they do not speak Mandarin Chinese, they understood the deep meanings underlying the dance movements and knew that Master has been watching over them all along.

A practitioner in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region wrote that, even though Master never gave Fa-teaching lectures in their province, they were fortunate to have heard of Falun Dafa from practitioners in other provinces. They were grateful to Master for spreading the practice far and wide.

The well-wishers represent the following ethnic groups: Hui, Tibetan, Xibe, Manchu, Uyghur, Bouyei, Mongol, Gaoshan, Dai, Yi, Korean, Hezhen, and Zhuang. They hail from the following regions:

BeijingGuangxi ProvinceInner MongoliaJilin ProvinceLiaoning ProvinceXinjiang Uyghur ProvinceYunnan Province