(Minghui.org) I moved to a new neighborhood in 2009 and met some elderly people aged 60 to 80 who practice Falun Dafa. Despite their advanced ages they are always active in their cultivation and promoting Falun Dafa.

Protection in a Prison Cell

Practitioner Jia and his wife were at a fellow practitioner's home for group Fa study in March 2013. Police broke into the home and took them to a detention center.

Inmates asked Jia how he ended up here, and he replied, “I am being illegally detained because I practice Falun Dafa.”

The cell head heard that Jia practiced Falun Dafa and said, “Falun Dafa is good. Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secures a good future. I know that.”

He immediately said to all the prisoners in the cell, “I am telling all of you that no one is to touch this man. If anyone harms him, he will have me to answer to.” Then he told Jia that he did not need to work.

That evening, the cell head said to Jia, “Sir, I know you are a practitioner and that you are a good person. I want to help. How about if I have everyone here shout together 'Falun Dafa is good,' 'Quit the CCP for a good future.' What do you think?” Jia told him that would be great.

The cell head then encouraged all the inmates to shout with him, “Falun Dafa is good, quit the CCP for a good future.”

After a couple of rounds, he complained that some were not saying it loud enough. Everyone shouted louder.

Their voices resonated throughout the prison. The guards were stunned and not one of them tried to stop the chanting. Jia knew in his heart Dafa was protecting him. He started to explain what Dafa is, why Jiang Zemin feared Falun Dafa, and how the CCP persecuted practitioners. He encouraged them all to quit the CCP. Most inmates had quit the CCP by the time he left the detention center.

Trusting Master and the Fa

Practitioner Mei stopped having bowel movements in the winter of 2016. After 10 days her abdomen was swollen and the pain near her rib cage kept her awake at night. She was diagnosed with gynecological cancer, so her family urged her to go to a hospital for another exam.

She refused and said that she trusted Master Li Hongzhi, the teacher of Falun Dafa, and accepted only his arrangements. She remained committed to Fa study, doing the exercises, and clarifying the truth about Dafa.

She remembered that she had purchased medical insurance and thought, “I'm practicing Dafa. I do not need medical insurance. That implies that I don't truly believe.” She canceled the insurance.

At the insurance company, she was reminded that the account would mature in four years and she would lose money if she closed the account. She knew she would lose more than 2,000 yuan. Wasn't that her attachment to self-interest? She insisted on closing the account and gave that money to the Falun Dafa materials production site.

All signs of her illnesses soon disappeared. Mei passed the sickness test because of her strong faith in Dafa.

Giving Up Comfort for Diligent Cultivation

Lian is 79 years old. She has a family of several generations. Her children have large homes in the city. Her son asked her to live with him so he would not worry about her living alone.

She spoke with another practitioner: “I am not here to enjoy life but to spread the Fa. If I move, it will interfere with my Fa study, exercises, sharing experiences with other practitioners, and going out to tell others the facts about Dafa. I am staying in my own old little home.

Lian is able to take care of herself and her home. She studies the Fa and does the exercises daily. She also uses a cell phone to clarify the truth about Dafa and persuades people to quit the CCP. She has even taught other practitioners how to talk to people face to face about Falun Dafa and the persecution.

Remarkable Changes

Practitioner Wu is 80 years old and a retired teacher. Before she practiced Falun Dafa she had high blood pressure, a herniated lumbar disc, and rheumatism. She also looked after her grandson. She was exhausted. Life for her was a burden, and she was bitter.

She came to the city with her grandson in 2006. A Dafa practitioner noticed her poor health and told her that Falun Dafa could improve her health. She started practicing. A month later all her illnesses were gone.

She read Zhuan Falun, the main book of this cultivation practice and all other Fa publications. Through her cultivation she eliminated her attachments to competitiveness, self-interests, unwillingness to hear criticism, and many others.

When her body was being purified, she could not eat or drink. Her son was worried and wanted to take her to the hospital. She knew she would be okay. She recovered within four days.

After seven years of cultivation, she not only is illness free but also like Master said: “Before, maybe you’d get tired after just a short stroll, but now it’s a breeze no matter how far you go.” (Zhuan Falun)

Her skin became delicate and rosy. She looks much younger than her age. She has changed from a selfish person into a person who considers others first. She said, “I am fortunate to be a Dafa practitioner in this life.”