(Minghui.org) Before 1996, I was losing my hair. I took a lot of Chinese and Western medicine and tried all kinds of remedies, but the hair did not grow back. When I was just past 30, I was diagnosed with an immune disorder.

Because of my appearance, my husband did not like looking at me and always found fault with me. I bought treatments that claimed to regrow hair whenever I could afford them. When a few strands grew back, I was ecstatic. However, my husband simply did not care about me and complained that I had wasted a lot of money. He always found excuses to argue with me or even beat me.

He called me a “bald donkey” and kept threatening to divorce me. Our child was very young. If I agreed to divorce him and let the child live with him, I would worry a lot. If I took care of the child on my own, it would be very difficult, so I could not afford to change the situation.

Falun Dafa Came Into My Life

When I had reached a low point in May 1996, a kindhearted person recommended that I practice Falun Dafa. I saw a ray of hope and took up the practice. From the beginning, I knew that this was what I had been looking for.

Through studying the books, I came to understand many of the principles espoused by Dafa. I held myself to its requirements in daily life and sincerely cared for my husband. I tried to be considerate of others before myself. When I encountered a conflict, I would treat myself as a practitioner and did not worry about personal gain. I became more energetic and felt optimistic every day.

Then, a layer of hair began to grow back. It was soft and velvety at first but gradually became thick and strong. I could finally stop wearing a wig. It was Dafa that gave me such beautiful hair, and my husband stopped calling me a bald donkey.

I talked to everyone I met about Falun Dafa, and I used my own experience to show people the power of Dafa. When people realized that I no longer wore a wig, they said, “Dafa is amazing.”

After the Chinese Communist Party started persecuting Dafa in 1999, I went to Beijing in 2000 to appeal for the right to practice my faith. I was arrested and transported back to my local police station. One officer asked me, “Are you the one who regrew real hair after practicing Dafa?” I cheerfully answered, “That's me.” My personal experience had a positive effect among people in my town.

My Clothes Were Untouched By the Fire

Our storage room was originally connected to the main room of our house that was built with dirt and straw. The ceiling of this room was covered with plastic sheeting secured with nails. When we remodeled the house, we changed the storage room into the main room, and we put a bed and a wood-burning stove under it to keep us warm in winter.

When we warmed up the bed, we forgot that there was wooden framing inside the walls. The chimney was located right next to the wooden framing and thus ignited the wood. Since it was inside the wall, we did not notice the fire when it first started.

When I was doing the Falun Dafa exercises, I heard a loud "ping" from the room on the eastern side of the house. When I turned and looked, I saw fire filling the building. The plastic on the ceiling was burning, and there were small explosions.

My husband and I poured water on the fire inside the house and eventually put it out. Nevertheless, we had to call the fire trucks because the straw on the outside of the building was still burning. Three trucks showed up about 30 minutes later and put out the fire.

The next morning, as I cleaned the house, I noticed that everything on the bed had been burned. My husband's leather jacket, which had been hanging on the wall, was reduced to cinders. However, my clothes, which also hanged on the wall next to my husband's leather jacket, did not catch fire. My satin mat for doing the Dafa exercises was in the closet and close to the ceiling fire, but only a tiny edge was burned. Meanwhile, the fishing net and cables in the same place were completely destroyed.

Dafa Granted Us a Second Life

My elder sister and her husband later came to our house with their friend, a retired director of the Personnel Bureau. When he saw the condition of our house, he shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" He also named the founder of Falun Dafa and added, "You are a good man."

He told my husband: “You should also practice Falun Dafa. Look, your wife's things didn't burn. Look at your things: everything was burned. You can't wear your jacket anymore. You can't use your fishing net anymore. Also, look at the Falun Dafa charms that were hanging on both sides of the light bulbs and covered with plastic that dripped from the ceiling: they didn't catch fire, either.”

This catastrophe showed me that people who practice Dafa are blessed. If I did not practice, we both could have been killed. I told my husband that Dafa granted us a second life and that we should be grateful.

Since the fire, my husband has not tried to stop me from practicing Falun Dafa.