(Minghui.org) Although I began to practice Dafa in 1997, I did not experience a major tribulation until March 2017. Although it was touch and go, my belief in Master and the Fa was instrumental in my overcoming this tribulation.

I felt heartburn after lunch on March 5, 2017, but did not pay much attention. However, the pain worsened, and was accompanied with nausea and vomiting. Although the pain stopped after a while, it returned intermittently in my heart, liver, abdomen, or lower back.

My appetite was gone and I could not eat anything for the next nine days. If I tried to eat, I vomited, and even vomited on an empty stomach. I also felt pain off and on, and usually for an hour. Sometimes I fell asleep while enduring the pain and my mind was clear after I woke up.

I knew that this tribulation was a test, so I had to be steadfast and completely believe in Master and Dafa. When I was awake, I listened to Master's lectures and recited Hong Yin, so I could uphold righteous thoughts. I also did the exercises as often as I could. I was not afraid of death, but I was afraid of tarnishing the reputation of Master and Dafa.

When I felt most miserable, I thought of doing the bigu method, which would mean that I would have to abstain from food and water. I dismissed the idea quickly, as Master has said that Dafa practice does not involve bigu. So, I ate a little bit off and on and asked Master to help me, because my time to pass on had not come yet.

Additionally, I kept looking inward for my attachments. From studying the Fa, I was certain that this was not an illness. I said in my mind that I was Master Li Hongzhi's disciple and a veteran practitioner. I only follow Master's arrangement and negate the old forces and their arrangements. Even though I had loopholes, I would correct them in the process of my cultivation. The old forces did not have the right to test or interfere with me.

It took a while to convince my family members of my reasons for not going to the hospital, by helping them understand that this was a cultivation issue.

When the pain was excruciating, I said to Master, “Master, why am I unable to bear the pain? I know your arrangement for me should all be bearable. What did I do wrong? Please give me some hints. I will do better.” At that moment, energymoved from my lower abdominal area towards my head. When it reached my neck, it disappeared and my entire body became free of pain.

After that day, I vomited again, but the pain had lessened and was bearable. I knew that Master had reduced my tribulation and born some of the the pain for me. I had to do the rest myself and pass the test.

I recovered after two-and-a-half months. My husband, a Chinese medicine doctor witnessed my return to good health without any treatment.

He told my relatives and friends, “Anyone would have died from organ failure after seven days of no food or drink, but she still survived after nine days. She made it by believing in her Master and Dafa and Fa study and exercises. It is extraordinary!”