(Minghui.org) Mr. Li Qinjun, a Falun Gong practitioner from Xingyang City, and his family filed a lawsuit against the police officers who harassed him, illegally arrested him, and ransacked his home. The lawsuit was mailed on June 25.

Several police officers from the Xingyang City Domestic Security Division, including director Ma Jichang and officer Wang Lijian followed Mr. Li and practitioner Mr. Wei Chengde and arrested them on May 20.

They confiscated his home key, broke into his home and ransacked it when none of his family members were present.

Mr. Li's family went to the the local police station, court and party committee several times to demand his release. They hired a lawyer, who convinced the local procuratorate to drop the case.

However, the local police refused to release him and still tried to frame him and Mr. Wei.

After Mr. Li's family mailed the lawsuit on June 25, the local police sent the two practitioners' cases back to the procuratorate, which reopened the cases and filed them with the Xingyang City Court. Both practitioners are facing trial.

Participant's in the persecution of Mr. LiMa Jichang, director, Xingyang City Domestic Security DivisionWang Lijian, officer, Xingyang City Domestic Security DivisionZhang Mingliang, officer, Chengguan Police StationWu Zhihong, officer, Chengguan Police StationLi Feng, President Judge, Xingyang City Court, 011-86-371-64629181, 011-86-13503992263