(Minghui.org) I'm a doctor of internal medicine. The nursing director at my hospital began to see me for her annual health checkup after she retired.

The nursing director was very capable. In the corrupt society of China, she worked her way up without resorting to bribes or using her social connections.

The first time she came to me, she talked to me for a long time about her life. She told me that she trusted me more than anyone else. She said she worked very hard and always liked to learn new things to apply in her work. Some people had recommended to her that she join the Chinese Communist Party, but she didn't want to do so. Although the hospital administrators were very upset when she refused to join the Party, her outstanding work helped her maintain her position and get promoted later on.

I knew it was not coincidental that she came to me. I told her about Falun Dafa and asked if she wanted to quit the Young Pioneers, which she'd joined when she was in elementary school. She said she never took it seriously and thought it wasn't necessary to formally quit it. I didn't push her.

Then we talked about her health. I explained to her what the numbers on her lab report meant and told her what she should pay attention to. She seemed pleased.

A year later, she came back. Her lab results that time showed she was developing some health problems.

She returned again with her annual health report the third year. They indicated she had even more health issues. I encouraged her to quit the Young Pioneers again, but she still didn't want to.

Another five years passed. She came to me one day with her lab report and told me how her health had deteriorated over the years. She'd been hospitalized but still wasn't cured. She asked me to take a closer look and see how she really was. She told me again that she only trusted me.

I looked at her. Her face and lips were pale and her hair had turned gray. She was indeed not in very good health. I made another attempt to persuade her to quit the Young Pioneers, because I knew this was something that could really help her.

This time, she agreed. And it turned out she'd come prepared just for this. She already thought of a pseudonym and had written it down on a piece of paper.

Another patient came at that time, and the retired director of nursing left my office.

But two days later, she came back, really excited.

“I'm so happy! I just came to thank you! My health problems went away after I quit the Young Pioneers the other day! I feel really energized now. I haven't had such energy for years! I did a lot of work at home for the past two days, and I don't even feel tired when I climb the stairs. Thank you so much!”

I was very happy for her. Her complexion was much better, and it was obvious that her physical condition had improved dramatically in the past few days.

“Please don't thank me. It is my master, Master Li Hongzhi, who helped you. You have to thank him for this!” I said.

“I've already thanked him in my heart! I just wanted you to see how much better I am!”