(Minghui.org) Several practitioners in my region have passed away over the past 12 months. This caused some confusion and misunderstandings among their family members as well as their friends.

I tried to help these practitioners and hoped they would make it through, but in the end it did not work out. Looking back, I realized that although other practitioners can help to some extent, the righteous thoughts of the practitioners going through the tribulation are critical.

Below are some of the issues I saw and heard during the process. I am not writing this to criticize them; rather, I hope this sharing will serve as a warning for all of us to walk well on the remainder of our cultivation paths.

Several Examples

One practitioner was 73 years old and others saw her as doing well in studying the Fa, reciting the Fa, distributing materials, and clarifying the truth. Nonetheless, she left us in July 2016. According to practitioners who knew her well, one loophole in her thoughts could have led to the serious outcome.

The second practitioner passed away in February this year. She had a deep notion about illness and it was deeply buried. She also had other human notions. She subconsciously considered herself a patient and was often picky about her diet.

The third practitioner often clarified the truth and sometimes provided technical support to other practitioners for truth-clarification projects. Nonetheless, she passed away in great pain in April this year. According to practitioners who helped her by sending forth righteous thoughts, this practitioner had been in a family tribulation for a long time. In addition, she had symptoms of illness karma for a long time, but did not pay attention to it.

The fourth practitioner left us this May. It was over a year from the onset of her symptoms to the time she passed away. Her xinxing problems were highlighted as being attached to material interests while interacting with her relatives, as well as in her daily life with family members. She would complain, had party culture, and harbored hatred toward them. Because her relationship with her family members was poor, she was unable to interact with other practitioners when her situation worsened. The old forces were thus able to take advantage of her situation.

I know these practitioners had planned to cultivate well, but they nonetheless left us. The symptoms for each of them lasted a while before their situations quickly deteriorated. There had been warnings, but they were unable to fundamentally change themselves and truly improve in time. In other words, they did not pay enough attention to opposing the old forces' arrangements initially. As a result, they walked the path arranged by the old forces.

Cultivation Practice Is Serious

Without changing our human notions, there is no way to make real progress in cultivation practice. That is, if a practitioner cannot let go of selfishness or various attachments and improve his or her xinxing, he or she is essentially not a genuine practitioner. If a person only wants to pursue something in Dafa, either health or something else, he or she will not truly obtain the Fa and will thus end up like an everyday person.

Regarding illness karma, we should learn from these practitioners that we cannot give in and let it be; instead, we have to remain clearheaded and send forth righteous thoughts in time to eliminate the vicious elements. That is, we cannot tolerate or nurture our attachments.

The above lessons have taught us that having only a wish to cultivate is not enough. We have to cultivate solidly and truly improve our xinxing.

Cultivation practice is not a hobby or a way of life. Considering the three things an assignment and finishing them is not enough. Cultivation practice is sacred. It requires us to study the Fa with our hearts, and act according to the Fa in everything we do and in every thought. That is, we need to change and improve ourselves no matter what we do. Any attachment, no matter big or small, needs to be eliminated once we find it. While assimilating ourselves to the Fa, we also need to balance relationships with others well.

Cultivating ourselves well is in itself validating the Fa. And this will help save sentient beings. I hope we can all do better during the remaining opportunities for cultivation, leave no regrets for ourselves and not let down Master's compassion.