(Minghui.org) A while ago, the local police and community officers were relentlessly harassing Dafa disciples after launching the “Knocking on Doors Campaign.” Almost all of the practitioners in our area were harassed at one time or another.

A practitioner who used to print informational materials with me developed the attachment of fear. She sent all her Dafa books to her child's home and only kept a copy of Zhuan Falun. She was even afraid of putting up Master's picture in her home. She stopped making truth-clarification materials and gave away her printer. She even hid her laptop. She came to me and said that she would no longer make flyers or other documents and wanted me to take over for her.

Under this situation, I printed hundreds of different types of materials about Falun Dafa and the persecution every week. I was very busy and could not go to the group Fa study every day. However, I felt that doing this work was a good opportunity for me to be diligent and to get rid of my attachment to comfort.

One day, a fellow practitioner visited and saw how busy I was. She asked if my home had become a major truth-clarification materials production site. I told her that I was simply printing more materials than I had before. She was quiet for a moment, then suggested that we study the Fa together.

After we read a lecture, she pointed out that I had misread the text more often than usual. I told her that I needed to print almost 2,000 pages of materials and did not have time to study the Fa carefully. Sometimes I studied the Fa while documents were printing. Sometimes I didn't need to be making materials, but I still could not study the Fa with a calm mind because I was preoccupied with all the work I had to do.

I then mentioned the fellow practitioner who'd stopped making the materials. I felt very good about myself for taking up the slack.

To my surprise, the practitioner said that I was selfish and was blocking other practitioners' path of validating the Fa. I felt that her assessment was wrong and raised my voice, “I'm diligent and I'm contributing!”

The fellow practitioner adjusted her tone and said, “Haven't you noticed that there were several practitioners who used to make informational materials about Dafa and they were all diligent in their cultivation?

“But now they are afraid to do this work because they have been harassed by the police. Some of the practitioners who were harassed stayed away from home and hid at their relatives' homes. So they were no longer able to study the Fa with other practitioners and had more and more trouble in their everyday lives. None of them were in a good cultivation state. If they continued like this, they would be walking the path that the old forces arranged.”

Upon hearing this, I understood why she said I was selfish. I realized that I should work with these practitioners to help them rebuild their materials production sites. I should have also studied the Fa with the practitioner from whom I had taken over, and helped her eliminate the attachment of fear. In this way, we would be diligent together!