(Minghui.org) Without cultivating Falun Dafa, I would have long been gone from this world. Cultivating Dafa allowed me to escape death and enabled me to live happily. I am glowing with health and getting better and better every day.

Incurable Thyroid Cancer

I obtained a new life just as I was near death. I was so fortunate to come upon Falun Dafa on May 26, 2010. At the time, I had been diagnosed with late stage thyroid cancer.

Prior to taking up Falun Dafa cultivation practice, I suffered from many illnesses, including severe heart disease, gastric disease, as well as back and leg pains. I had to take medicine throughout life.

Later on I suffered from thyroid cancer. I had two operations within three months and they removed my thyroid glands. After the operations, I had memory problems and my brain function became very slow. I was suffering miserably and lived helplessly. No medicine could restore my health because my condition had reached the limit of modern medicine.

Normally, I worked with my husband as a security guard for a district estate. I had relatives who practiced Falun Dafa. One day, a Falun Dafa practitioner deposited a book entitled Zhuan Falun at the security lodge. The reason for him to do that was because the image of the author, Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, inside the book was damaged. He deposited the book and left a message for another practitioner to have it repaired. I placed the book in the drawer and then forgot about it.

Since I'd already been given “a death sentence” by the hospital, I lived my life in countdown mode. One day, I was packing up my clothes so that by the time I passed away, my family could easily locate my belongings. I found this Zhuan Falun book when I was sorting my clothes. My brother had once read the book and according to him, this book was extremely good. He'd even said that only this book could cure my illnesses.

Miraculous Recovery after Reading Zhuan Falun for a Couple of Weeks

I started to think about reading this book because I was just fed up with the torture of my diseases. I wanted to find out what was written in a book that even the government didn’t allow people to read.

The severe swelling in my abdomen made it impossible for me to sit or stand. I could only lie down, and I so spent the whole afternoon in bed reading the book. At midnight, as I was in a state of being half asleep and half awake, I saw a white light glowing around my stomach area. Then, my abdominal discomfort began easing up.

I continued reading Zhuan Falun the next day and fully understood that the government's slander about Falun Dafa on TV was fake. The whole book talked about how to be a good person.

A few days later, I was lying in bed and I saw a Falun spinning in front of my eyes. At the time, I was thinking: I am not going to open my eyes. Let me have a good look if you spin again.

Then, I was suddenly able to get out of bed and started walking after being confined to bed for a week! Two weeks after this, I was able to wash my own clothes. There was no way I could have managed that in the past. My problem with labored breathing also disappeared. My body miraculously recovered just like that! I then went to look for fellow cultivators to teach me the exercises.

Family Members Benefit from and Support Dafa

My daughter’s father-in-law was astonished and asked me, “Are you genuinely healed after such severe illnesses and you are now free from medicine?” He then informed my husband. So the whole family got to know my good news. However, they all expressed concern regarding my not taking medicine. My children took me to the hospital for a thorough examination. The result was that I had no illnesses and my health was pretty good. My daughter’s father-in-law witnessed my recovery and he started practicing Falun Dafa as well.

In the past, when my husband caught a cold, he would cough continuously for a long time. Since I started the practice, he no longer coughed if he caught a cold. Now my whole family supports me in my practice because they witnessed how Falun Dafa saved me.

Dafa is indeed amazing and miraculous! After cultivating Falun Dafa, not only did my body experience huge changes, but also my heart and mind were upgraded constantly. I follow Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to guide myself. I consider others first and look for my own problems when encountering issues. I do not fight with others and want to be a noble person with higher principles.

Because of cultivating Dafa, I was brought back from the brink of death and this was witnessed by everyone around me. This is a miracle that empirical science cannot explain. I thank Falun Dafa for providing me with a second life. My life was given by Master and I am infinitely grateful for his compassionate salvation. Words cannot truly express my gratitude towards Master.