(Minghui.org) Two local Falun Dafa practitioners were arrested in July of this year, and one was detained. I worried about this and wanted to tell the arresting officer the facts about Falun Dafa because he had been an active participant in the persecution and had been monitoring me for many years.

My attitude toward him was very cold and hostile when I first realized that he was following me. I decided early this year to change my attitude.

After the two practitioners were arrested, I thought that I should talk to him about my faith. I hesitated, because I felt that I was not ready, but other practitioners thought it might be time to talk to him about Dafa.

Because I was worried that he would refuse to see me if I just showed up at his office, I asked in a message if he had time for a chat. After some back and forth, I agreed to call him. But, when I reached him by phone, I could not say a word and just cried.

We agreed to meet and arranged a location. Before leaving for our meeting, I asked Master to help eliminate the evil in other dimensions controlling that policeman.

Meeting the Police Officer

When I saw him, I had righteous thoughts and my heart was at peace. We chatted for a bit, but I knew that I wanted to talk about Dafa. He listened quietly for a while.

Then he got a phone call from a practitioner outside of China. He complained that he was not happy about the many phone calls from these practitioners. I made the practitioner aware that I also practiced Dafa and was talking to this policeman.

I talked with him for about an hour-and-a-half but could not change his opinion of Dafa. Before we parted, he said that he would still arrest me if he saw me distributing Dafa materials.

After I got home, I wrote a letter and included information about Dafa. I warned him that his actions would harm people, including himself. I also said that I would stop him by making public anything he did against my faith.

After another practitioner was arrested, I felt hatred toward the arresting officer. When I calmed down and looked inward, I saw the attachment of hatred. I found that my Buddha nature and attachments were intertwined.

I wrote another letter to the police officer and said that I felt hatred toward him, which had developed over the past 18 years. I said that now that I recognized the attachment, I would eliminate it. I apologized for the negative feeling.

I was able to eliminate my hatred after I sent the letter. I was able to keep the compassionate mentality of a practitioner. Whenever I was dissatisfied with any police officer, I would ask myself if I was really being compassionate toward them. This thinking helped me deal compassionately with those who persecute Dafa.