(Minghui.org) We Chinese practitioners sometimes need to be reminded that getting people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations is not the sole purpose of our clarifying the truth. Master says,

“As I see it, your work at the tourist sites isn’t about getting people to withdraw from the Party or the Pioneers, or about making the “three withdrawals” your goal. Remember: your goal is to clarify the facts and save people! (Enthusiastic applause) Only when you feel that the person has been saved have you done your job.” – in Fa Teaching Given at the 2016 New York Fa Conference.

So how can we engage Chinese tourists in conversation so as to get them to open up?

People from China at the tourist sites often fall into two categories. Some of them look indifferent as they remain silent and refuse to take the fliers. Others look agitated and say hurtful things while trying to argue their points. How they react to me is a reflection of my heart. Their reactions seem hard to deal with on the surface. However, after I send righteous thoughts and look within for my notions, things often take a very different turn.

Turning a Negative Situation Around with Positive Thoughts

I approached a group of tourists while they were resting and tried to give them some newspapers with information about Falun Gong. Two of them claimed that they didn't know how to read. I did not get annoyed as I knew this was caused by interference.

So I remained friendly and asked, “Where are you from?” One smiled and said, “We come from the Falun Gong Master's hometown.” They are from Changchun and are Master's fellow townsmen, I thought, as a warm stream of energy passed through me. I was determined to save them. As soon as I had the thought, a young woman in the group asked me for a copy of the newspaper.

When she saw the front page advocating for the arrest of Jiang Zemin, she said, “If you ask me, he should be hanged. (He’s) so corrupt.” I seized the opportunity and said, “He's not just corrupt. He is behind the killing of Falun Gong practitioners for their organs. It's explained in detail in the newspaper.” At this point the two people who told that me they couldn't read asked me to give them two copies of newspaper.

I started to chat with the group of tourists, from the Tiananmen self-immolation hoax to the organ harvesting atrocities. I told them how practitioners benefit from the practice and how Falun Gong is practiced in over 100 countries and has received worldwide recognition and support. The CCP’s deceptive propaganda vaporized during the conversation.

A Pure Wish, with No Pursuit

I saw a group of tourists outside the city hall and offered them a newspaper. No one took it. I looked within and found the attachments of fear, ego, and fighting. I also realized that I tend to have negative thoughts toward the tourists who refuse to take my materials. I worked to eliminate these negative notions.

The tour group left as I sent righteous thoughts. To my surprise the man at the end of the line of them suddenly turned back and said, “Give me a copy.” I didn't have time to get into a conversation, so I just wished him a good trip. He thanked me.

I understood that only when I cultivate myself well will I be able to save people. My negative thoughts toward the tourists and my human notions form a negative field. It stops the tourists from having righteous thoughts and taking the newspapers from me. Once I eliminate my notions and send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil elements, things change for the better.

Not seeing any more tourists, I sat down to study the Fa. I heard some people approaching. I lifted my head and saw the man who took my newspaper earlier. He had brought another man with him and asked me to explain the persecution to him. I did and he quit the CCP and its affiliations.

That man is such a good person, I thought, and I must help him quit the CCP. As I was thinking, he brought over six more tourists and told them to listen to me. I took over the conversation. Afterwards, I also helped him to quit the Party. I didn't focus on the number of people I helped quit the Party. I only thought about how to help people really understand the truth about the persecution.

Tour Guides Give Me Helpful Tips

Ever since I began paying attention to sending righteous thoughts and looking within, most of the tour guides started to come and talk to me. I knew that Master had arranged this for me to save more people because I was on the right path.

One day a Swedish tour guide came and talked to me about Falun Gong. We spoke for an hour. I told him how my family and I have benefitted from Falun Gong teachings. I also explained to him what happened in the persecution. He listened very carefully and we had a good time talking. He seemed interested in learning Falun Gong, too. In the end, he advised me not to start the conversation with the topic of Falun Gong. He suggested that I start with life in Northern Europe and current affairs, which sounds more attractive to tourists.

A tour guide from Denmark saw me and said, “I think I saw you several years ago. The Falun Gong practitioners in Denmark are like you. They were there talking about the persecution every day for years. We talk too, but we are tour guides and we get paid. You are not getting anything, yet still you are here every day. I truly admire you.”

He also suggested that I avoid starting the conversation with the persecution and organ harvesting. “Talk about life in Northern Europe and nutrition (note: I normally clarify the truth in front of a nutrition store). This will get their attention,” he said. From then on, I took the tour guide's suggestions and eased into truth-clarification after chatting with the tourists on various topics of interest to them.

Coming to Learn the Truth

A young man in his 30s came to talk to me and asked simple questions about the persecution of Falun Gong and whether the organ harvesting atrocities he had heard about were actually happening. I answered his questions in detail.

During the conversation, his wife came over and asked him to go sightseeing. He told her to go without him. I could see that his wife was worried that he was the only one there talking to me and that he might be in trouble when he returned to China. After a while, she came back and tried again to get him to leave. He still refused.

I knew that he had come here to learn the truth. As we were having a good time talking, his wife came back again. “We spent all that money to come here just to listen to this?” she complained. He told her to go with others and to come back after she was done. His wife finally left him alone. We had a comprehensive conversation on the persecution and I helped him quit the CCP.

My understanding is, as long as we truly cultivate ourselves, Master will help us create a new environment at the tourist site and more sentient beings will be saved.