(Minghui. org) Master said:

“What is human? Sentiments and desires fill the body.What is immortal? Human mentalities do not exist.”(“Distinction Between Human and Enlightened Beings” from Hong Yin)

Cultivation practice is so serious and strict that I won’t be successful if I fail to reach the Fa’s requirements just a little. The only way to succeed is to walk the path arranged by Master and do the three things well.

Looking Inward by Studying the Fa and Cultivating My Mind

In many lectures, Master repeatedly reminds us of the importance of studying the Fa more. I know very well how important it is for a practitioner to learn the Fa well. Yet, for some time, I felt that I had become too familiar with the content of Zhuan Falun to continue reading it anymore.

When I attended group Fa-study, I always thought of something else while reading. After we finished, I felt neither the joy of reading Zhuan Falun nor a sense of enlightening to something new. In addition, whenever I did something, I was always impatient.

In order to change this situation, I started to study the Fa by memorizing it. At the beginning, I felt it was a bit difficult. Once I was determined, I finished reciting the book very quickly.

Even so, I still had no patience when doing a lot of other things. I learned that impatience is an attachment that belongs to the culture of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This attachment must be eliminated.

One day, I saw some people playing tug of war. One side was pulling steadily, while the other side was pulling impatiently. Finally, the steady side won the game. Upon seeing this result, I thought that I should study and memorize the Fa with a steady mind.

When I really let go of my sentimentality while reciting the Fa, I found there were many concepts that were new to me. I finally understood and realized the importance of studying the Fa. Previously, I didn’t concentrate when studying the Fa and wasted a lot of valuable time.

I read, “Without cultivating the heart, no one can make it.” (“Lecture Three” in Zhuan Falun) These words were particularly eye-catching. I thought to myself, “Doesn’t Master ask us to improve our mind? I should listen to Master and take a step forward. Actually, all the improvements I make are done for me, myself.”

I have recited Zhuan Falun more than 20 times. I am now very excited about reciting and studying the Fa. Wherever I go, I have the guidance of the Fa in my mind.

One day, while producing truth-clarification materials, I realized that I made errors in a few copies of a journal, which I felt very distressed about. I then realized, “While studying the Fa, I shouldn’t add other thoughts to it. If I add something, that means I am absentminded, which also means that I don’t respect the Fa.”

On one occasion, I shared my experience of studying the Fa with a practitioner, who suddenly criticized me. I was very surprised. She said, "I'll give you a few suggestions: First, although you recite the Fa well, you fail to do everything according to the Fa. Second, you're too self-centered. Finally, you still ask me to buy things that you already bought, which costs me a lot of money.”

I remembered these three suggestions very well and have seen the attachments I should remove. I thanked her for helping me improve. I did so without complaint or feeling wronged, and I had no desire to explain everything. Without having laid a foundation of studying the Fa, I wouldn’t have reacted this way.

I will remain true to reciting Zhuan Falun for as long as I practice cultivation. Every time I have done the three things well, I hear a little drum beating in my left ear. I can also often hear the exercise music from another dimension. I know that it is Master protecting and encouraging me.

Saving People

I have mainly produced truth-clarification materials and DVDs for other practitioners in our area to distribute to save people. At the same time, I also go out to distribute materials once a day. I seldom go to open residential areas; instead, I go to closed, high-level residential buildings, which residents have to use a card to enter. Whenever I want to enter a building to save people, with Master’s arrangement, I can enter it without any trouble.

Although I am 60 years old, I am still very timid. One day, in a dream, I clearly saw two dogs. A large dog was being tied to a tree with a chain. A little dog was standing next to it. When I went to take a careful look at them, the large dog suddenly disappeared; so did the chain and the little dog. I realized it was Master encouraging me not to be afraid, as the evil has nearly been wiped out. I should waste no time in saving people!

Once, I was distributing truth-clarification materials when I reached the 13th floor. I saw the elevator light flashing and thought, “Are people in the elevator also coming to the 13th floor?” Then, the elevator really stopped, and a middle-aged man and a woman came out. I didn’t want to be seen hanging truth-clarification materials on a door handle, but it seemed that these two people didn’t see me. I knew that Master was with me and made me invisible to them.

On another occasion, I unknowingly climbed the stairs from the bottom to the 28th floor. It felt very strange that I managed to climb so many floors and was not at all tired.

One time, I was waiting for a bus and took two or three minutes to clarify the truth to a girl carrying a guitar on her back. She said: "I don’t want to quit the CCP. I have got my own things to do. I am not interested in those topics.”

I was saddened to hear this. But then I thought, “It is my fault. The girl wouldn’t have rejected my suggestions if she had read information about Dafa and been aware of the reasons why people should quit the CCP.”

Through this matter, my confidence in handing out truth-clarification materials has increased: “If enough people can read our fliers, it will also be easier for us to talk to them face-to-face.”

Through Fa-study, I can now recognize my shortcomings. For example, sometimes I feel lonely and enjoy watching movies. I know it is not right, but I still make excuses for myself. At times, I go back to sleep again for one or two hours in the morning. Sometimes, I walk around in the shopping mall after I finish delivering truth-clarification materials, thinking, “I should relax a little bit, since I have done my job today.”

Although I know very well that every minute is extended through Master’s huge sacrifice, I often don’t conduct myself well and let my human thoughts have the upper hand.

The purpose of writing down my cultivation experiences is to improve myself and remove my shortcomings.