(Minghui.org) I had a dream recently. I was at the train station preparing to go to another city, and as I walked over an overpass I saw a broken part where the platform had fallen away. I reminded the people biking not to fall. Nobody listened to me and continued moving forward. I stepped forward to take a closer look and saw two huge spiders on giant webs. I felt nauseous and woke up.

I seldom have such strange dreams. I could not figure out what the dream was supposed to hint to me. I woke up the following night and enlightened about my attachment to the internet. I was alarmed and remembered the dream vividly.

I looked inward and recalled that I read social media every day. My work unit distributed news and documents via a social media platform so I had to be on it. I also liked to connect with friends on another social media platform. I don't like to watch long TV series, but I watched some short comedy or art programs. I seldom go to shopping malls, but I browse online shopping websites.

This wasted my time and eroded my determination and diligence in cultivation. As a result, I became lazy, liked comfort, good food and sleeping, and I did not pay much attention to these issues.

I know this attachment is not my true self as I walk on a divine path. I appreciate Master reminding me in this way. I said to Master in my mind, “I am determined to follow Master's teaching. I don't want that attachment. I want to read Dafa books, send righteous thoughts and raise awareness of the persecution to the public. I won't waste my time browsing the internet.”

As my mind became determined, Master helped me. The attachment did not affect me anymore. I will treasure my time from now on.