(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner from Liaoning Province. For the past several years, the practitioners in our region have formed a very tight group, and many have stepped forward to clarify the facts. While handing out Falun Dafa informational materials on the street, we find that almost everyone already knows that they will have a good future if they quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

Some practitioners in our region started going to surrounding rural areas in late 2015, where there were no Dafa practitioners, to let the people there know the truth about Dafa and the persecution.

We walked from village to village, door-to-door, telling people about Falun Dafa, and found that many were eager to listen.

We Cannot Leave Them Behind

We talked to one man in a farm house. He didn't believe us at first when we told him about the persecution, but he soon changed his mind after we talked to him for a while.

He said, “It's not easy for you go door-to-door on such a hot day. Please be careful as there are all kinds of people around here. What will you do if you are reported to the authorities? I would advise you to select a few houses, tell them about Dafa and then go home.”

“Thank you for your concern,” I replied, “but we must tell everyone the facts so that they can escape future calamities. We must go door-to-door and let others know that Falun Dafa is being wronged, and that the CCP is harming people by not letting them know that Dafa is good.”

He thanked us for our efforts and saw us off, saying, “Good luck. You are working so hard.”

We arrived at another house and spoke to the people there, who spanned three generations. They seemed pretty divided, as one group of people were very pleased to hear about Dafa, while four people playing mahjong didn’t want to listen. The elderly lady who owned the house told us to leave, saying that they didn't want to listen to us.

On our way out, I told another practitioner that we couldn't leave them still believing the CCP lies. So we went back and I told the owner, “We can't leave without telling you the true facts. Please listen to us so that you all can escape the coming calamity.”

She reluctantly allowed us to speak. After listening to us for some time, three of them quit the CCP. The other one said that he hadn’t joined the CCP or any of its organizations. I asked him to remember “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

Our Sacrifice is Worthwhile

One person said, “Your organization is very large. You must have been paid a lot for doing this.”

“We have no organization,” I replied, “and no one has paid us anything to do this.”

He couldn't believe it, and retorted, “Didn’t someone give you money for the expenses of traveling and materials?”

I said, “I have been practicing Falun Dafa for 18 years. I haven’t had to take any medicine or had the need to see a doctor. This has saved me a lot of money. I do this from a wish to help people learn the truth about Dafa and for them to have a good future.”

After hearing my explanation, he nodded with understanding.

One day, we arrived at the house of an elderly couple. They were very interested in what we had to say. I asked them to sincerely recite “Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” They both agreed.

I noticed that they were listening to music, so I offered to return with songs about Falun Dafa.

The next day it was raining, but I went to their house anyway and gave them a tape with a collection of Dafa songs.

Seeing them so delighted, I said to myself, “As long as you can be saved, it is worth it no matter how much we have to sacrifice.”

Elderly Man Says in Tears, “Thank You Very Much!”

We spoke to an elderly man one day, who seemed to be in poor health. I told him, “The CCP has killed many people in its many political movements, such as the Cultural Revolution and the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Now it's persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. When God punishes the CCP, its members will not be spared. So we don't want people to be buried with it.”

Another practitioner suggested an alias to use for him to quit the CCP.

He nodded with tears running down his cheeks, “Thank you very much!

Putting Saving People First

Many practitioners were being harassed and arrested during that time, but we persisted in going to the countryside to save people.

We once came to a village and divided into two groups. When it was time to leave, we called two practitioners in the other group, but neither answered the phone.

We then contacted a practitioner at home who came to pick us up. We drove around to look for the other group, but couldn't find them.

When we got back, I went directly to the missing practitioners’ homes. It turned out that they had been arrested that day.

We informed other practitioners in our area and asked them to send forth righteous thoughts. Some of us went to the police station to request that the practitioners be released. We didn’t get home until very late.

We had a sharing about the situation the next day. We looked inward and searched for our attachments. Afterwards, we got ready to go to the countryside as usual.

Not long after, we heard that two of the six arrested practitioners had already been released, and one managed to escape. Another was released after a medical examination, and the remaining two practitioners were released two days later.

By helping save people from the countryside with our truth-clarification efforts, we have removed many attachments, including fear, not tolerating criticism, and competitiveness. Many of us have also found that we now have more compassion than competitiveness and more kindness than resentment.

We are trying to seize all opportunities to save people. In all conditions, we are putting saving people first.