(Minghui.org) Looking at two huge bags of 2017 Minghui calendars, I suddenly thought that I would like to give these New Years calendars to all predestined people.

I looked at Master's picture and put my palms in the heshi position. I said, “Please make me younger and give me strength to deliver these calendars to those people with predestined relationships.”

Lifting up both bags at the same time, I put one on each shoulder. I was amazed at my strength: “Wow, who says that an 80-year-old lady can't carry such heavy things?”

I took a bus to a popular area and put the bags on the side of the road. I brought out two calendars and shouted to the passersby: “New Years is approaching. I brought calendars for everybody. I wish you all luck and health in 2017.”

As soon as I stopped speaking, people approached me. One lady took a calendar and said, “Wow, it looks lovely. How much is it?”

I replied, “It's a free gift. I wish you health and safety!”

Then she said that I was a really nice person, and she put the calendar in her purse.

More people came over when they heard about a free gift. I overheard some people say that I must be a Falun Gong practitioner because no one would do a thing like this except for Falun Gong practitioners.

Within minutes, all of the calendars were gone. A new level of appreciation of Master filled my heart.

This was the fourth year that I’d given calendars out.

Yet, a few days ago, the local coordinator said that there was no need to make the calendars any more, and that any practitioners who had already made calendars would be responsible for distributing them.

Looking at the pile of calendars that filled my shelf, I felt at a loss. I thought that the coordinator must have had his/her reason for cancelling the project, so I must not complain. I would harmonize with practitioners and find a way to distribute the calendars.

I told my fellow practitioners to come and pick up as many calendars as they wanted. All of them showed up the next day except one. Therefore, I decided to deliver the calendars that she requested to her. However, no one was there when I arrived at her home.

I pondered what to do: Should I take the calendars back with me even though I live far away? Should I just leave them at her home? While feeling undecided, I heard the words: “With Master and the Fa, there is nothing to fear.” Yes, I should not be scared of anything. I would give them out myself.

I decided I would hand out the calendars at a farmer's market. However, it was after 10 a.m., and the market would close shortly after 11 a.m. As I was asking for Master's help, a taxi showed up in front of me. I jumped in and arrived at the farmer's market a short time later.

I put the bag of calendars in a clean area and brought one out. This time I said directly to the public, “New Year's gifts for everyone! The New Year is approaching. Wishing everyone felicitations, health, and safety!”

As soon as I stopped talking, someone came up. After receiving the beautiful and elegant calendar, she looked at me with a questioning face. I told her that the calendar was a free gift.

Gradually, more and more people approached and it became difficult to keep up with the demands. Therefore, I just let people help themselves to the calendars.

One older lady said to me, “You are a nice person. It's hard to find people like you nowadays.”

I answered, “I am cultivating compassion. Falun Gong is good. Did you know that?”

She said, “Yes. However, good people are treated unjustly.”

I replied, “Yes, but if more people understand the truth about Falun Gong, the practitioners’ suffering would not be in vain.”

Before she left, she told me to be careful for my safety. I told her that if everyone understood the truth the way she did, I would certainly stay safe.