(Minghui.org) Our local practitioners recently had great success in removing slanderous information about Dafa on billboards. These billboards were displayed outside of our town hall, which is located next to a busy plaza with many small businesses and heavy foot traffic. The main street that the town hall is facing is one of the busiest streets in town.

The local practitioners brainstormed as to how to remove the billboards. The problem was that they were made of very durable glass and secured tightly with lock bolts. However, we did notice some small damage around one of the bolts. It seemed that someone had tried to remove the information, but failed.

Some suggested that we break the glass, but that was not a good thing to do, so we came up with an alternative. We decided to paint the billboards white.

We sent forth strong righteous thoughts and then painted the billboards. We also wrote to the town government officials and explained what Dafa is all about and why the persecution is wrong.

When a practitioner checked two days later, they were still covered with white paint. They displayed new information a week later, but it was not slander about Dafa anymore.

We realized that we can't stop at getting rid of public displays slandering Dafa. We also need to think about the people involved and help them understand the facts about Dafa.