(Minghui.org) My name is Sun Changcheng, age 53. I live in Kangping County, Liaoning Province. Falun Dafa brought me back from the brink of death in April 2010, and I would like to share my story.

A Nearly Fatal Fall

April 8, 2010, was a very windy day.

I was working at a flour factory at that time, and some of our roof tiles came loose because of the wind. My manager asked me and another worker to climb up onto the roof and use rocks to secure the tiles. It was about nine yards up from the ground.

A truck helped lift us up. But right after we got onto the roof, a strong gust of wind blew us off. The other worker was blown over 30 feet away and died on the spot. I landed on the truck and then fell to the ground.

At that moment my mind was clear and a thought came to me: “I am a Dafa practitioner. Master will protect me.”

Then I lost consciousness.

I was taken to the hospital. The doctors decided to operate on me immediately.

My wife, who was also a practitioner, came to the hospital after she heard the news. She signed the operation paperwork with the thought of negating the old forces' persecution.

The operation went well. The doctor told my family that my organs, including my stomach, intestines, lungs, heart, liver and spleen had all shifted and were damaged. One of my legs, several of my ribs, and my left cheekbone were fractured.

My organs were re-positioned during the operation, but I was still in critical condition during the next five days.

The doctor said that my condition was hopeless and that it would be impossible for me to fully recover. He said that, even if I did survive, I would be a vegetable or have severe mental disorders and paralysis.

My other family members, including my two brothers, were devastated, but my wife was determined that my life was in Master's hands. She was not afraid at all.


To the doctor's surprise, I started getting better the very next day. I was still in a coma. The doctors did not operate on my broken leg, but did put me in traction.

I woke up after seven days, but my mind was empty and I felt like I had lost my memory.

My wife read Hong Yin by my side, and I repeated after her. I gradually regained my memory and was able to lift up my broken leg. My brothers and the doctor were unable to believe it; they were all amazed by Dafa's power.

Since I did not cultivate well, the anesthetic did not have any effect on me when they operated on my leg, despite the anesthesiologist's best efforts. I was in great pain and recited Master's poems to help me.

I also told the doctor about the greatness of Dafa and the truth of the persecution.

He said, “Falun Dafa is good. The other worker died on the spot but you survived. It is truly amazing.”

Four months later, I was released from the hospital. The doctor told me that it would usually take someone in my situation six months just to be able to sit up, and walking would definitely take years.

By the fall of 2010, I was able to help with the harvest and ride my motorcycle.

Joining the Practice

I used to be addicted to alcohol and suffered from a kind of weird illness. My eyes ached and light made my eyes tear up. The doctors could never figure out why. I had to lay in bed with sunglasses on from June to October every year.

My wife began to practice Dafa in March of 2003. One day in August 2003, she asked me to try it since I was really suffering.

I started with holding the wheel during the second set of exercise. But I immediately felt that my eyes no longer hurt and that my head also felt really comfortable. I was excited and told my wife that I wanted to practice Dafa, too.

But my sister and brother tried to stop me. They were afraid that our child would be unable to go to college since this was one of the methods that the CCP used to persecute practitioners and their children. But I did not want to stop since Dafa cured me.

I am glad that I became a practitioner; Dafa saved me again and brought me back from death. I wrote down my experiences here to show how wonderful Falun Dafa is, and I hope that people will stop believing the lies that the CCP fabricated about Falun Dafa.