(Minghui.org) I became a Falun Dafa practitioner in 1996 and have always tried to be a good person. The teachings in Zhuan Falun resonated with me, because it teaches people how to improve themselves through looking within during conflicts. I have been cultivating myself over the past two decades and would like to share a couple of my experiences.

Telling Others about the Persecution

I married my husband in 2006. He is also a Dafa practitioner and had been imprisoned for his beliefs. Due to the persecution, we couldn't find jobs, so we started our own business, an after-school program to help high school students with their homework.

I began to talk to our students about Falun Dafa and the persecution, but some did not return after I did. Once, the parent of a student I had talked with about Dafa complained about us to the other parents.

This resulted in the withdrawal of the majority of the students in our program. Even our neighbors distanced themselves from us.

I did my best to teach the remaining students. In the end, one student did extremely well in his final exams and finished in the top three in his class. Pleasantly surprised, his parents told the people they knew about our program. Our enrollment shot up!

I believe it was Master who encouraged us by helping the student do well.

We were now able to now tell more students about Dafa, and most of them understood that it is being illegally targeted and agreed to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. They all did well on the national college entrance exam. However, the student whose parents criticized us was only admitted to a lower-ranked college.

My Husband's Near-Death Experience

My husband was rushed to the hospital in December 2014 with a brain stem hemorrhage. The doctors were hesitant to treat him, because people with this condition rarely survive. I was asked to sign three documents acknowledging that his condition was critical.

He had been a practitioner since 1995, and I knew that Master would take care of him.

Six practitioners came to visit my husband in the hospital to encourage him to keep righteous thoughts and not to acknowledge the “illness.”

After two days of emergency care, my husband asked to go home. As I was filling out the discharge paperwork, the doctors told me that my husband would not survive without medical care.

My husband's sister and father came to help when they heard about his situation, but they couldn't understand why he’d left the hospital. Out of frustration, they decided to return home.

My sister-in-law's husband, who was a doctor in a major hospital in the provincial capital, called them and told them that they should stay, since my husband could die at any moment and they could help make arrangements for the funeral.

When my husband and I were alone, we talked about his condition. He told me that he felt as if his head was a large balloon, and it hurt terribly. I was very worried that night.

When practitioners came the following morning, we studied the Fa and played Dafa audio and video tapes for my husband. At night, I read him many articles from the Minghui website about practitioners' experiences of breaking through “sickness” karma.

It was winter and bitterly cold at night, but even a comforter was too heavy for him. Covered with only a light blanket, his body was very cold. He was in great pain and discomfort and kept twisting and turning. However, I was not moved and believed that Master could help him.

When we were studying Lecture Seven in Zhuan Falun on the third day, strong righteous thoughts came to my husband, and he realized, “I am Master Li Hongzhi's disciple; no one else can control me.” He said that he felt as if a huge weight had been removed from his head.

He kept getting better each day, and on the seventh day, he was able to ride his bike to the local market.

Through these two experiences, everyone near us witnessed the miraculous power of Dafa. Master has turned bad things into good things for us!