(Minghui.org) A man in my village runs a stall in our local farmer's market with his wife, selling daily necessities. They have two daughters in school. I often tell them about Falun Gong, why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) persecutes the practice, and about the sinister nature of the CCP. They like to listen to me explain these things, and they also like to watch DVDs about Falun Gong and read any related pamphlets and booklets.

Their family of four have all renounced the CCP and its affiliated organizations. The vendor and his wife even tell other people at the market that Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) is good and that Falun Gong practitioners are good people. They give Falun Gong-related materials to other people after they finish reading them.

They ordered a large shipment of merchandise last year. Some of the items needed to be dried in the sun before being put into storage. They had no time to take care of it, as they were at the market from in early morning until the late afternoon. They asked me to help them and offered to pay me. I said, “You have several sisters in the village. Wouldn't you be more confident to ask for their help rather than an outsider? Aren't you afraid of losing things after you give your house key to me?”

“I can only feel assured with Falun Gong practitioners because they are good people,” the man said solemnly. “They do not steal or take advantage of others but think of others first. I trust you. Please help me.”

I didn't accept payment for helping them, though the man insisted on paying me. I said, “I truly want to help you, because neighbors should help each other.”

He later said emotionally, “I believe Falun Dafa is good. I conduct my business with a conscience. My business runs smoothly. One of my daughters is married, and the other is an undergraduate student. Both of them are doing well. My wife and I have good health and no troubles. We are all right. This is truly a blessing from Dafa.”

I had many health problems before I started practicing Falun Gong, including pneumonia, gynecological diseases, congenital heart disease, an irregular heart beat due to a short blood supply, and a nerve problem that caused me difficulty walking. I started practicing Falun Gong in March 1998, and all of my illnesses left me. I have never taken a pill since. I am 70 years old, but my health is better than when I was young.

The people in my village saw the great changes I had experienced after learnings Falun Gong. More than 20 villagers asked me to teach them the practice.

Son-in-Law Recovers From a Car Crash

My daughter also practices Falun Gong. Her husband does not, though he supports her practicing. They work in the same factory and often see banners and posters about Falun Gong on their way to and from work. My son-in-law found a can of paint at their factory that someone had thrown away, so he used it to paint the words “Falun Dafa is good” on a wall on his way home.

One night, he was struck by a car on his way home. The driver took him to a hospital in the city. The hospital then called my daughter. We rushed to the hospital. His face and head were swelling. His eyelids were so swollen that he could not see anything.

The initial diagnosis was that he had concussion and a cranial nerve breakdown. Blood had accumulated in his head. His eyeballs had been affected by the internal bleeding, and the doctor said it could possibly lead to blindness. The doctor recommended transferring him to a better hospital. We knew the injuries were serious, so we had him transferred to Tiantan Hospital in Beijing.

We told him to recite “Falun Dafa is good” and asked Master to help him in our minds. We believed that Dafa would save him. His condition gradually improved over the next month. He was transferred back to the local hospital to recover and released a short time later. He was at home for two months before he returned to work. He has now fully recovered.

Factory Owner's Father Helps Employees Quit the CCP

A mechanical processing plant was set up near our village. The owner and his family all know Falun Dafa is good and have renounced their membership in the Communist Party. At the end of last year, the owner asked me for calendars with Falun Gong information. He employs more than 40 people.

Local practitioners prepared several dozen calendars and some informational brochures for them. When I delivered them to the factory, the owner was not there, but his father was. The father said, “You can bring these things inside. I'll give them out to the wokers.”

“I need to advise them to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations,” I said. The owner's father said, “They're still working. You can go home now. Let me help you to do that.”

I went back to the factory two days later. The owner's father said, “I distributed the brochures to the workers and told them, 'Falun Gong is good. Falun Gong practitioners are good people. These information materials describe the truth. They are free.'” The father also gave me a list of names of employees who had agreed to quit their membership in the Party and its affiliated organizations.

I thanked him sincerely and said, “You have done what we Falun Gong practitioners do. You will be blessed with good fortune!”

He said, “Falun Gong is truly good. You are all good people. I should do this to help you.”