(Minghui.org) After reading Master’s latest article, “On the Responses to the Piece About Assistant Souls,” I saw a scene with my celestial eye. In the vast universe, countless number of gods respectfully held yellow banners with Master’s new lecture written on them. These gods delivered Master’s new lecture to every corner of the universe.

Cleansing Interfering Substances

The above scene reminded me of other scenes that I saw two years ago.

Fellow practitioners and I sent forth righteous thoughts to cleanse interfering substances for a fellow practitioner. While doing so, I saw gods respectfully holding yellow banners with Master’s poem, “Still So Arrogant and Reckless?” written on them.

Gods in heaven call Master’s lectures the Fa-guide. Some gods delivered Master’s lectures from the earth to heaven, some to Dafa disciples, and the others to those who are cultivating inside caves. Given the restrictions of my cultivation level, I was not shown anything else concerning this particular issue.

After sending forth righteous thoughts, I told fellow practitioners about this scene. We recited Master’s poem repeatedly,

Still So Arrogant and Reckless?

Like madmen in a fit of angerMouthpieces spreading lies,howling like wolvesAs evil as devils,heightening the insanityNo good thoughts,no trace of conscienceThen autumn winds arise,and red withers to yellowBrash and wild no longer,panic has set inPayback is coming in this life,and there is no escapeEvil must be paid forDare you still act so arrogant and reckless?

Old Forces Declare War Against Dafa Disciples

As we were reciting the poem, I saw a red flag that showed the words “FIGHT AGAIN.” I understood that the old forces were declaring war against Dafa disciples. I continued sending forth righteous thoughts.

Then I saw that a group of depraved gods and old forces were attacking some practitioners’ primordial spirits. These gods and old forces were purged by our strong righteous thoughts.

I also saw the master of these depraved gods, and their master’s master send their disciples to ask all lives and Taoist friends living on different mountains to assist them. I knew that another battle between good and evil was about to start soon.

Individual Choice: Choosing Between Good and Evil

When sending forth righteous thoughts again, I saw Master teaching Taoists the Fa. I was shocked to see that many could accept Master’s teachings as they bowed to Master before leaving, but a few of them did not accept Master’s teachings. I could see that Master was patiently explaining the Fa, but they were oblivious to the truth of Dafa.

When I cleansed my environment, I saw two Taoists who had cultivated for 6,000 years. Their energy column was above the Milky Way. I felt pity and told them repeatedly not to antagonize Dafa disciples. One of them retreated.

“You have only cultivated for a dozen years,” said the other Taoist, “Where did you get the guts to purge us? Before your Master began to spread his Fa, he contacted us first. Who do you think you are?”

I did not want to purge him, so I did not hold my hand up, hoping that he would retreat. However, he became increasingly arrogant. At that moment, I heard a god telling me, “Hurry up…” I held my hand up, and then saw a god hit that Taoist with a hammer. After that, his body was placed underneath a big mountain.

Warning Not Heeded

The Taoist who accepted Master’s teaching mourned for him.

“My Taoist brother,” he said with tears in his eyes, “we cultivated in Taoism. Our grand-master told us over 3,000 years ago, in the Shang Dynasty, ‘A saint is going to cleanse the remains of a corrupted world. You must form a lasting bond with him.’”

He continued, “Over one thousand years ago, our grand-master reminded us to form a bond with the saint. He told our master and us again before he left that we should never be hostile towards the saint’s disciples in the Dharma Ending Period, because we could not see their source of origin, which is much higher than ours.

“The saint’s disciples have gone through tribulations in historical times and have achieved extraordinary powers. Therefore, we should not compare ourselves with any of the saint’s disciples.

“Our grand-master also said that when the Dharma is being spread, he would also form a bond with the saint. He asked us to befriend the saint’s disciples, take care of ourselves, take no action, and survive the catastrophe. Didn't you remember all that?”

Befriending Practitioners: Single Thought Determines the Outcome

Before departing, he bowed and said, “Thank you. From now on, I’ll travel to different places and tell my fellow Taoists to befriend Falun Dafa practitioners. After you reach consummation, please remember us.” I nodded to let him know that he could count on me, and he left after that.

“I’ve promised the Creator,” he said when we met again one year ago, “that I would commit my life to be a messenger of Dafa, and the Creator has granted my wish.”

Remembering his fellow Taoist's destruction, he said: “I’ve seen how my Taoist brother was destroyed, and learned that one’s life or death can be determined by a single thought. So no one should take things for granted.”

He continued, “The Creator has pointed out a good place for me, and you don’t need to worry about me anymore, but I want to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me.”

Do Not Miss the Precious Opportunity

When Master’s new article was published, I saw the solemn facial expressions on gods' faces. They have become more diligent in delivering the lectures far and wide.

I understand that whenever Master gives new lectures, sentient beings in every dimension are informed. Whenever a new lecture is published, it is a very important event in the heavens, as well as on earth. Every time Master gives a lecture, it is time for beings in the universe to readjust their positions, and it is also when all living beings are purified and rectified. The Fa-rectification is constantly moving forward.

I want to tell everyone that things are happening, whether or not we can see them. Although I have seen many things with my celestial eye, I know that we should not be attached to our supernormal abilities. Regardless of what I can see or hear, I must follow Master’s teachings, and do what Master asks of us.

Our revered Master has once again clarified things for us, so please learn from others' mistakes, adjust your position, and do not miss this precious opportunity.