(Minghui.org) Prior to starting cultivation in Falun Dafa in 1993, I looked elderly due to illness even though I was only 57. I suffered from frequent gynecological bleeding and had severe pain throughout my body.

Feeling that my days were numbered, I visited a burial garment shop where I met an old friend. Puzzled, she asked me why I was making funeral arrangements so early. When I explained my health issues to her, she said, “I know of a good qigong practice you can try. I'll take you to the exercise site tomorrow.”

I went to the practice site with her and was asked to visit the home of a practitioner to watch the video tapes of Master Li’s lectures. Even though I accepted the invitation, I was afraid that my frequent bleeding episodes would cause a mess in her nice home. Master must have heard my thoughts and helped me. My bleeding stopped the next day! I was amazed!

Long Awaited Opportunity to See Master

Soon after I began practicing Falun Dafa, I heard that Master was planning to lecture in Guangzhou. I desperately wished to go, but I had severe symptoms of illness, and our practice site coordinator refused to give me a ticket. However, because my wish to see and hear Master was strong, I traveled via train to Guangzhou on my own. Unable to enter the lecture hall without a ticket, I stood outside and silently begged Master for help.

At that moment, a friend from Henan walked by and handed me an entry ticket. When my practice site coordinator tried to stop me from entering, my friend said, “Master instructed me to pass this ticket to her.” Stunned, my coordinator let me enter the venue.

My coordinator arranged for me to sit in a back corner. This obscure position was an unexpected blessing, as Master walked in from my side on his way to the podium. I was full of joy to see Master so close in person. As I listened to the lecture, my stomach became increasingly painful until I was almost ready to faint. At this point, there was a problem with the sound equipment, and Master stopped lecturing for a while. I took the opportunity to visit the washroom, and Master resumed speaking as soon as I returned to my seat.

Master's words remain firmly engraved within my heart. Now, whenever I encounter difficulties, I remind myself that Master can resolve all obstacles as long as I follow the requirements of the Fa, be considerate of others and keep my thoughts pure.

Seeing Through the Illusion of Sickness Karma

Soon after I started practicing, my head and body began to swell. So as not to disrupt the exercise site, I followed the coordinator’s advice and diligently studied the Fa and practiced the exercises at home. At one point, my body swelled severely. Undaunted, I intensified my Fa study and kept practicing the exercises until the swelling subsided. I learned to treat each tribulation as a welcome opportunity to eliminate karma so that I could return home to heaven with Master.

Ten years of cultivation has shown me many Fa principles. I try my best to visit fellow practitioners who are suffering from sickness karma. I share with them my experiences, my understanding, and remind them to trust in Master and the Fa.

A fellow practitioner once fainted at my home. She had not been able to overcome her sickness karma well and was admitted to the hospital for treatment. As soon as she was released from the hospital, she quarreled with her daughter-in-law. That same day, she came over to study, and she fainted after saying a few words. I quickly asked Master to save her life. She woke up after being unconsciousness for over an hour.

Another time I visited a practitioner living in a distant province who had acute stomach pain for 25 days. He was rolling on the ground in pain when I arrived. I crouched down next to him and said, “Aren’t you a Dafa practitioner? You should get up and study the Fa.” He stood up. Over the next few days, we studied the Fa, practiced the exercises, sent forth righteous thoughts and shared our understandings of the Fa until his stomach fully healed.

Persuading Former Practitioners to Return to Cultivation

A fellow practitioner from a remote village once visited me. He said that many former practitioners in this village had given up cultivation after the persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999. All practitioners' attempts to persuade them to resume practicing had failed.

I decided to pay a visit to that village since Master has told us to encourage former practitioners to resume practicing. I also believe that my hearing this news was not accidental: Master gave me the responsibility of helping to awaken these fellow practitioners.

When I reached the village, I visited each one at his or her home and told them, “This is a rare opportunity to cultivate. Master has personally descended to this world in order to save sentient beings. Those who seize the opportunity to cultivate will be honored with eternal glory and blessings.”

Many practitioners agreed to resume their cultivation practice.

Walking on the Path to Godhood

By following Master's teachings, I try to look inwards and think of how to save more people. I study at least two chapters of Zhuan Falun each day, wake up at 3:40 a.m. to practice the five exercises and participate in local activities. As a result, I look much younger than my age.

However, my lack of teeth contrasted greatly with my youthful appearance and impacted my ability to eat. I saved some money, intending to have a set of dentures made. When I heard that our materials printing site needed funds, I decided to donate the money to it instead. Soon after, I discovered that my ability to bite had improved to the point that I was able to eat normally. Even my facial muscles appeared firmer.

During the most severe period of the persecution, the 610 Office frequently sent police officers to my home in order to arrest me. However I was never at home whenever they arrived.

I once visited a distant area with another practitioner in order to distribute truth clarification materials. While we were heading to the bus station to go home, several police officers stopped my companion and began dragging her to a police car.

I caught up to them and said, “She had nothing to do with this, the responsibility lies with me.” The police ignored me and continued to push the fellow practitioner into the car.

At this point, I stopped and begged Master, “Master, please save her!” Then the inexplicable occurred. The police suddenly released her, got into their cars and drove away. It was a miracle.