(Minghui.org) I live in Japan with my family, and I started to practice Falun Dafa in November 2013. My mother hoped I could learn Chinese by her teaching me to read Zhuan Falun. It was not easy and often took me about 20 minutes to read one page.

Thinking of my future, I chose English instead of Chinese as a second language because I wanted to be accepted at a good university.

Skin Disease Cured Without Treatment

Since childhood, I was afflicted with a skin disease, which was said to be incurable by many doctors. I seemed to be on and off in remission.

After I began to practice Dafa, I experienced a physical reaction when Master purified my body. When my skin disease recurred, I realized that I had been off the medication since I started practicing Dafa five months ago.

All the symptoms of my illness came back. My skin started to rot, fester and bleed, and my face turned dark red, with deep cracks in the skin.

I could not go to school for six months, so my father forced me to go back on the medication.

I dreamed one night that I was chasing a snake, which left after some time. Master helped me remove the snake that had possessed my body. I realized the deep lines on my face were very much like snake skin.

Making Truth-Clarification Calls

I joined the platform for making truth-clarification phone calls to people in China, because Master made it clear that saving sentient beings by telling people the facts about Falun Dafa and the persecution is our mission.

I practiced by reading a script with my mother, as I had to become familiar with the Chinese words. During my first call, I got stuck on the second line, and the person hung up. I was determined to work harder, in particular I needed to learn Chinese well and collect the facts so that I could write my own script.

Those Chinese people whom I called spoke too fast for me to understand much of what they were saying. But, with making calls every day, I have made great progress and improved my Chinese vocabulary.

I could not have learned Chinese so fast without Master's help. Master will help us if we have the wish for saving people.

I now send forth righteous thoughts before making a phone call, so that I can have a calm mind.

Sharing about Cultivation and Attachments

In the group environment of our project, we young practitioners can share many issues about cultivation, such as attachments to fame and personal gain, studies and marriage.

We share our experiences and upgrade ourselves without leaving anyone behind. We recently shared about the attachment to one’s appearance, which is an attachment to showing off.

Before cultivation, I wanted to wear pretty clothes and have my hair long. Although my attachment to this has been reduced since I started cultivating, I have still failed to remove my fundamental attachment. On seeing some of my classmates wearing plain clothes, I thought, “Even everyday people are not attached to cute dresses. I should reach that state as a practitioner.” I finally could let go of this attachment.

Dafa Eliminates Pressure

My father was against my practicing Falun Dafa.

“You are preparing for university entrance exams,” he said, “and every minute, every second is very precious for you, but you are still reading some other books!”

Whenever I studied the Fa or clarified the facts on the phone, he would berate me and Dafa, and go on for hours. This affected my studying the Fa, sending righteous thoughts and making phone calls. I did not want him to get upset, so I studied the Fa secretly. I thought that this was a way to comply with ordinary people's environment.

Another young practitioner told me that I should practice cultivation in a dignified manner. Then, I understood what I should do. I would study Zhuan Falun when my father was around. But my doing so made him even angrier, the result was not good. I knew that my attachment to fear was not at all removed.

With continuous Fa study, I improved and my righteous thoughts became stronger.

“I am a practitioner studying the universal law,” I thought when he berated me. “I am now doing a righteous thing but you are disturbing me like this, which is absolutely not permitted.”

Then, I told him: “While I am studying the Fa, you can look at it as if I am taking a break, just like some people play with their phones. Studying the Fa can stabilize my mood and eliminate the pressure of having to do well.”

“I used to be very nervous about exams and was under a lot of pressure. I worried that I would have a nervous break down during the university entrance exams. Since I’ve practiced Dafa, I have improved. That’s why I am studying Zhuan Falun. It means a lot to me.”

My father did not say anything. But, he no longer berated me when I studied the Fa. Perhaps some bad factors behind him were cleaned out by my righteous thoughts.

To clarify the facts to people, one may need different methods, so the bad substances behind them can be peeled off layer by layer.