(Minghui.org) I am a female practitioner in my 60s and live in the countryside. Even though I am the only one in my family who practices Falun Dafa, the whole family supports me and believes that Dafa is good.

Thanks to Master, we all benefited from Dafa and are blessed by it.

Regaining My Health

I used to suffer from many illnesses before I joined the Falun Dafa practice—systemic rheumatoid arthritis, caudal cervical disease (compression of the spine), stomach problems, tonsillitis, pharyngitis (chronic sore throat), and more.

I visited many hospitals and no cure was found. I could not work in the fields or do most housework. My family had huge debts from my medical bills.

Fortunately, I learned about Dafa in 1995. Shortly after I began to practice, all my illnesses disappeared. I followed the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and tried to become a better, more selfless person. Happiness returned to the family.

My husband, son and daughter all witnessed the miracle of my recovery and believe in the goodness of Dafa.

Children Protected by Master

My son had a motorcycle accident in 2000. His motorcycle spun out so fast that he was thrown for several meters and lost consciousness. He survived with only some scratches and cuts, and returned to work after three days.

My daughter was ten when the persecution began in 1999. One day that year she loudly read a Dafa pamphlet on our balcony, which was very close to the street. When I reminded her to lower her voice, she said, “I am not afraid. I want people to hear it and learn that Falun Dafa is good.” I was so happy with her righteous action.

When she needed an operation in 2003, I was being detained in the labor camp. I hinted to her in my letter to believe in Dafa and she would not need the surgery. She did and fully recovered without the surgery.

In 2009, she had a sudden stomach pain at work and discharged a lot of blood in her stool. A doctor happened to be at the store where she worked at the time. From the symptoms he suggested she go to the hospital immediately.

When she got home from work, she was so scared and wanted to go to the hospital immediately. I suggested that she think it over. I told her that she would be fine since she benefited from my practicing. She decided not to go. The next day she was back to normal.

After she married, she was unable to get pregnant, and she and her husband visited many medical experts. I told them to burn incense and ask for Master's blessing. They did. We heard their good news two months later.

Husband Rewarded Repeatedly

My husband is a farmer. He firmly supports my practicing Falun Dafa. When I was detained at a brainwashing center or labor camp, he was placed under huge pressure to divorce me, but he refused.

He believed in Dafa and me. His chronic headaches, sciatica, and knee pain were all gone without treatment.

He had two life-threatening road accidents, in 2006 and 2014. In 2006 he fully recovered in eight days without hospitalization. He was out of the hospital in 12 days in 2014, even though he had three broken ribs.

When he had kidney stones in 2010, the doctor was surprised that he was not in pain. An ordinary person with kidney stones like his would be unable to bear the pain. After laser treatment, the broken stones blocked his ureter and he urgently needed surgery.

At the time we did not have enough money for the surgery, and I also was taken to a brainwashing center for 18 days. We put him in Master’s hands and he recovered again, miraculously.

In 2013 my husband had the symptoms of stomach cancer. He could not eat anything and even vomited water after he drank. Our children were so frightened that they wanted to send him to a big hospital in a nearby city.

My husband then made the decision to believe in Dafa. He burned incense every day to Master and asked for His help. My husband recovered in ten days. I sincerely thank Master for saving him so many times.

My whole family has been blessed by Dafa and Master. My grandson grew up with me and has recited Hong Yin and Lunyu since he was two. He is very healthy.

I want everyone to know the wonderfulness of Dafa and not to believe the lies from the government media. Believing “Falun Dafa is good” and supporting Falun Dafa will bring you blessings, too.