(Minghui.org) Before I began to cultivate in Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) in 2015, Master Li had arranged several opportunities for me to learn about the practice.

However, between the first time I was introduced to Falun Dafa in 1994 till 2015 when I finally decided to genuinely cultivate, 21 years have passed. Nonetheless, I know that Master Li has not given up on me and has actually been helping me to catch up with the Fa-rectification process.

First encounter with Falun Dafa

The first time I heard about Falun Dafa was in 1994, when I bought a biography of Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa. As I was involved in a different school of practice with Ms. Sun, I did not join Falun Dafa cultivation that time.

Ms. Sun and I saw a group of Falun Dafa practitioners exercising in front of our building one day in 1995. She asked one of the practitioners how long he had been cultivating in Falun Dafa.

The practitioner replied that he had practiced for two to three years. Ms. Sun told me that she had been cultivating for fifty years, yet her energy column was about the same as that of the Falun Dafa practitioner.

Ms. Sun told me in early 1999 that Buddha Law was moving westward following a young man. She could see a Buddha holding the earth and a few other planets in his hand.

Because humans had all deviated, the sky had a big hole and was about to collapse soon. To mend the sky, it would require a huge amount of virtue. This Buddha saw that human moral standards were too low and there was not enough virtue to mend the hole.

He planned to give up by flipping his hand over to dump the earth and other planets. At that moment, a young Buddha took control of all the planets, including the earth.

The next scene she saw was that the entire universe was blanketed by dark demons. She said that the devastation would last for nearly twenty years. I did not fully comprehend what she was talking about back then.

Missing Dafa a Second time

I came to the United States in October 1999 to open a restaurant, where I was given a second chance to learn Dafa. A Falun Dafa practitioner gave me recordings of Master’s lectures, but I listened to the nine lectures half asleep.

Running the restaurant consumed almost all of my time and energy. I also was addicted to gambling.

After work my shoulders hurt so much that I could hardly change out of my work clothes. On the way home one day I saw Zhuan Falun in a bookstore and I brought one home.

After reading it a few days later, I dreamed that Master Li told me to sit straight while He cleansed my body right behind me. My shoulders did not hurt anymore, and I felt well and energetic at work the next day.

I called Ms. Sun, who said that it probably was all arranged. I did not know what it all meant and still did not take Falun Dafa seriously. Ms. Sun passed away in 2003, and my initial cultivation experience halted after her death.

Third Chance

My gambling addiction occupied all of my free time when I was not at work. I could not stop, even though I knew it was a bad habit. I was easily irritated and full of grievances every day.

A friend of mine came from China in October 2015. His mother was persecuted in China for practicing Falun Dafa, so naturally we talked about Falun Dafa. After our conversation, I read Zhuan Falun a second time and listened to Master Li’s nine-day lectures again.

I had a dream a few days later that the Eight Immortals were in a boat in the sky. Pointing at me, they told me, “You have obtained the Fa!” Then they congratulated me. From that day on, I no longer thought about gambling.

I told my friend what had happened and she felt very happy for me. She mentioned that Master said before that Lao Zi, Jesus, and Shakyamuni are all cultivating in Falun Dafa.

I found it unfathomable at first, but after reading this passage,

“As I have explained before, it was always the subordinate soul [that succeeded], whereas the true master soul of the person continued on in the human realm, reincarnating. And this holds true for the human body of Shakyamuni, Lao Zi, and Jesus, all of whom are now among Dafa disciples.” (Fa-Teaching Given at 2010 New York Fa Conference”)

A thought came to my mind: even these sages are cultivating in Dafa. What am I waiting for?

Master is always with me

I finally began to cultivate in earnest in December 2015. I can clearly feel that Master is right with me all the time. I once dreamed that Master told me to spread Dafa to people outside of China with veteran practitioners.

I saw that all sorts of people bowed to Master’s portrait because Master cleansed their body for them. I knew that those are people that Master wants to save.

I understand that telling people about Falun Dafa and saving sentient beings are Dafa disciples’ responsibilities. My customers are from different nationalities, so my job is to help them learn about Falun Dafa.

I display Dafa materials and Zhuan Falun in my restaurant for my customers to get, and also posted a brief introduction of Falun Dafa on the door. I often talk to people about Falun Dafa.

With my help, more than 40 people have bought the book Zhuan Falun. Some of my customers also began to practice the exercises. I have helped about 40 people quit the CCP and its affiliated associations.

Master purifies my body, and protects me from danger

Master also cleansed my body for me. My body showed symptoms of cold and headaches at the beginning of my cultivation. I knew this was normal because Master was cleansing my body, and all the symptoms went away 20 days later.

I used to have serious allergies in the spring, but they disappeared after I began to cultivate in Dafa. Master also healed my other diseases.

Master has protected me numerous times. I was washing a soup pot which weighed about 40 pounds. The handle suddenly fell off in my hands. The pot would have injured my feet had it dropped while I was carrying it from the stove to the sink.

The deep fry pot can hold about three gallons of oil. When I changed it, the handle fell off and the burning oil splashed all over the table, but not a drop landed on me. I thanked Master for saving me again.

Cultivating more diligently

I can feel that time flies every day and I feel this more when I practice the exercises or listen to Master’s lectures.

I did not know to cultivate xinxing and how to search inside before, but now I find my attachments if I search inside and then let them go.

I often recite Master’s teachings to encourage myself to be more diligent, and to get rid of attachments, “When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it." (Zhuan Falun) I finally can cross my legs for thirty minutes now.

Although I was unable to attend the Fa-experience sharing conference in New York, I saw the entrance ticket in my dream a few days before the conference convened.

After reading Master’s lecture, I am doing better with my righteous thoughts and am telling more people about Falun Dafa. Whenever I help one person quit the CCP, I shed tears of joy.

I know that Master is giving me an opportunity to do my job well as a Dafa disciple.

I am grateful to Master for not giving up on me. Thank you Master!

This is my personal understanding. Please correct anything that is inappropriate.