(Minghui.org) Cultivating in Falun Dafa is a process of not only getting rid of human attachments, but also testing how much we believe in Master and the Fa. Each of us will encounter tribulations during our cultivation, but the outcome will differ depending on how much we believe in Master.

I would like to give two examples of what happened to me when I put my faith in Master when I encountered tribulations.

Broken Kneecap Heals in 10 Days

I fell down and broke my right kneecap on August 12, 2008. The following day, my leg was so swollen that the skin was stretched paper-thin. My calf was bruised and black. I had a high temperature for three days and was very weak.

My family wanted to take me to the hospital. My older brother said, “It's fine to have your belief in Dafa, but you have to see a doctor to set the bone. If you can recover on your own without going to the hospital, I would practice Falun Dafa.”

I believed that the power of Dafa would help me recover. I tried to move my leg slowly and put it on the floor. Then I started to do the standing exercises.

I attended my younger sister's party 10 days later. People saw me walking with no problem and admired Dafa’s effectiveness. More than 70 people changed their attitude towards Dafa and quit the Chinese Communist Party there and then.

However, when the party was over, I fell down again as I left the hall. The damage this time was worse than before. My kneecap was broken again. I didn't want to put Dafa in a bad light, so I asked for Master's help. I soon stood up and walked outside.

I went home and sat on the bed. My lower leg was dangling, and it felt like the nerves were damaged.

I did the standing exercises again and then did them three times a day. I also did the sitting meditation. I couldn't cross my legs at first, but gradually I could do it for the whole hour. I firmly believed that only Master and Dafa could help me, and they did.

Regaining My Hearing after Changing My Mindset

I suddenly lost my hearing in the summer of 2014. I couldn't even hear the thunder when there was a storm. I didn't dare to go out to meet people and talk to them. But no one could shake my faith in Dafa and Master.

When I was taking a shower one day, I rubbed my ears hard, because they felt like they were totally blocked. I began to complain about it, because I had been coping with this disability for too long.

Master mentioned before that whatever Dafa disciples encounter are all good things. If I really trusted Master, why was I so worried about my hearing?

In ancient times, in whatever school disciples cultivated, they had no doubts about their master. There was a story about a teacher who told his two disciples to jump off a cliff. One disciple jumped straight away. Suddenly a lotus flower appeared under him and took him to heaven. The other disciple jumped off the cliff with his human attachments and died.

I realized that I had been using my human notions to think about my problem. Perhaps it was a good thing that my ears were blocked—maybe energy was filling up my ears. Just that thought made me happier.

Suddenly I heard a “bang!” and felt something exploding. I immediately turned the radio on and heard Master's clear and powerful voice. Tears ran down my face. I knelt down in front of Master's picture and thanked him!

I came to realize that when disciples can understand the profound principles of Dafa, there is nothing Master can't do. If I didn't cultivate in Dafa, no doubt I still would have fractured my kneecap or I still would have become deaf, but the outcome would have been completely different.

One of my neighbors broke his leg, paid more than 20,000 yuan to be treated in the hospital, and yet still walked with a limp. His leg hurts whenever it rains.

My other neighbor is deaf. He also spent over 20,000 yuan in medical fees, but couldn't get his hearing back. He now has to use a hearing aid.

I didn't take any medicine or go to the hospital, yet my leg and my ears have recovered. This is the miracle of Dafa!