(Minghui.org) My two printers recently stopped working, but a Falun Dafa practitioner, who repairs them, said they were fine. He suggested that I look within for my own issues and that I should strengthen my efforts to send forth righteous thoughts. Although I said nothing in reply, I was not convinced.

On the same day, I read the announcement calling for experience sharing articles for the 13th China Fahui on Minghui.org. My first reaction was very negative, and found many reasons not to write an article: I'm busy doing the three things every day, others should write one, I have nothing to share etc. I suddenly thought I'm being selfish, and my reasons for not writing an article are not valid.

I began practicing Falun Dafa in 2009. As a relatively newer practitioner, I knew that I must catch up with the progress of Fa rectification and try my best to do the three things well. I get up early every day to do the exercises, send forth righteous thoughts and tell people about Dafa and the persecution.

Fellow practitioners’ sharing articles on Minghui.org have become a great inspiration for me to improve in cultivation.

I repeatedly told Master that I would write a paper to share with fellow practitioners, but I have never done it until now.

Writing an article about our own cultivation experience should not be difficult, as long as we want to do it. If we have the will, Master will give us the wisdom.

My Experiences of Being Arrested

I started talking to people face-to-face about Dafa and the persecution about a year ago and was arrested five times for doing so. With strong righteous thoughts, I managed to get released without succumbing to the police's demands. My daily cultivation was not affected, and even my family members did not know about those incidents.

The first time I was released, I submitted my experience to Minghui.org. I also wrote a letter to the head of the police station to tell him the truth about Falun Dafa. I felt it was my responsibility as a Dafa practitioner.

I was once arrested before April 25, 2016. After I told the police what I was doing, they let me go. Two days later, I was arrested again and taken to the same police station. When the officers saw me, they just said: “It’s you again.” After a brief chat with the deputy’s head, he said politely: “You will go home soon.”

After I got home, I couldn't hold back my tears. I felt that the police officers were my family members. I wrote a letter to the officers and made many copies and placed them on police cars.

During my most recent arrest, I was taken to another police station, which I hadn't been to. I let go of my fear and just told them about Falun Dafa. I said to Master in my heart: “If they give me a hard time, I will begin a hunger strike.” I was released the same day. The next day, I resumed my efforts to let people know about Dafa and the persecution in public.

We experience so much on our cultivation paths. It has been painful amidst the tribulations, but when we look back after we break through them, they are nothing but ladders for us to climb. However, if our thoughts are not righteous, we will be easily interfered with by the old forces.

I realize that I've made solid advancements in my cultivation, from the morning exercises to talking to people about Dafa without any fear. I also no longer have negative feelings towards the police.

I think this progress should be recorded and shared on Minghui.org. I sincerely hope other practitioners will share their stories.