(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners in Montreal began a car tour on September 1 to raise awareness of the severe suppression in China. They traveled to several nearby cities including Terrebonne, Charlemagne, and Repentigny.


At the Terrebonne City Hall, practitioners went to the mayor's office and provided materials to a staff member, who will give them to the mayor. They then went to the office of a Member of Parliament (MP) and left materials with an assistant.

Exercises outside the Terrebonne City Hall on September 1, 2016

Passersby learn exercises from practitioners

Outside the city hall building, practitioners talked with pedestrians about the persecution in China. Many of them were sympathetic, and some started learning the exercises.

Charlemagne and Repentigny

Practitioners visited two cities on September 7, Charlemagne and then Repentigny. The Charlemagne mayor was not in the office, so the practitioners gave materials to a staff member.

At Repentigny, they met with Alexandre Faucher, a reporter from Hebdo Rive Nord. Mr. Faucher talked with practitioners, took pictures of them doing the exercises, and published a report on the following day.

“The most serious form of persecution consists of an institutionalized system of forced organ harvesting by the Chinese government for transplantation,” he wrote in the report, “To this end, in June, The Globe and Mail released a startling report revealing that tens of thousands were killed in China to supply the illegal trade in organs.”

Report about the car tour from Hebdo Rive Nord

When practitioners visited the office of one MP, the secretary was surprised to hear about the brutal persecution in China. He signed a petition addressed to Canada's Parliament and said that he would do his best to help practitioners.