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Master's Arrangements Are the Best

I moved to Toronto in 2001 and soon began to practice Falun Gong.

One day in July 2001, I walked several miles to visit a practitioner, who was going to lend me a copy of Zhuan Falun to read. When I arrived, she was not at home.

I returned to Chinatown for lunch and then began to walk to her home again. I suddenly felt tired, hot, and exhausted. At that moment, a whirlwind blew some dirt and leaves around my head. A voice said, "You should go home. That lady may not be at home."

At this point I faced the most critical choice in my life: I could go back home or continue on. I said to myself, “This Zhuan Falun must not be an ordinary book. This is the first time in my life I’ve met such a test.”

I decided I must get the book that day. “If she is not at home,” I said to myself, “I will wait until she returns.” I suddenly felt full of strength and walked to her home quickly and got the book.

Two months after I obtained the Fa, I found a job in medical research. My boss appreciated my work and extended my six-month contract to a year. As the year ended, he told me that he had given my work to a biological products company and could not renew my contract.

I did not have the slightest sense of loss. I believed that Master would certainly arrange my cultivation. I dedicated all my time to participating in the work of the telephone team (to clarify the truth to people in China) and the waist drum team.

Soon after, a friend introduced me to a career as a personal support worker. I felt that was the cultivation path Master arranged for me, so I found a private school to get the necessary training. After graduation, I found a full-time job in this field. My more than ten years of cultivation told me that this was the best job for me.

Choosing the Waist Drum Team

When the Tian Guo Marching Band started ten years ago, many practitioners were eager to get in, so I didn’t apply, thinking, “Whatever Dafa projects one does is the same. Since my fellow practitioners are eager to join the band, why don’t I participate in other projects that lack manpower?”

In 2010, the band coordinator announced that they still needed more participants and I was very happy to finally get a chance to join. I called the coordinator right away and registered with the flute group.

I learned five parade songs within three months and I was able to join the parade. Walking in the ranks of the Tian Guo Marching Band, I felt very proud and sacred.

In 2012 the Toronto Dafa Association asked practitioners to rebuild the waist drum team and I joined. I soon encountered a major problem. At the first drum team rehearsal, there was no one who could teach, no one could play the song “Falun Dafa Is Good,” and the majority of drummers had not even touched a drum before!

They were almost all new drum players. As I had some experience, I didn’t have a choice but to do my best to teach the basic operations of the drum and then teach others how to play “Falun Dafa Is Good.”

When the waist drum team began to attend community events, I realized that the marching band and the waist drum team always performed together. I could only choose one.

The drum team was constantly recruiting new players. What should I do? I faced a difficult choice. I told myself that I must make a choice according to the Fa, not according to my personal interest. The band would not be affected much by my absence and I could play a greater role in the waist drum team, so I chose to stay with the drum team.

Overcoming Laziness to Save Sentient Beings

My family moved to a new community in 2007. My husband does not practice Dafa and usually doesn’t call attention to himself. Now he suddenly got involved in community activities.

He would let me know what activities were happening in our community and would suggest that I attend the activities instead of staying at home.

At first I said I did not have the time or the interest, but he repeatedly brought this up. He said that I was selfish and I only thought of myself and not of others.

Then I remembered Master’s Fa. I started to consider: “What should I do with my time? Should I not use it to save sentient beings?” I often travelled to other communities to promote the Fa and clarify the truth and asked myself why I couldn’t do it in my own community.

My lazy side countered, "This is a big project. Can you do it? Don’t make trouble for yourself. Just forget about it."

The side that cultivated said, “Are you a Dafa practitioner? Why are you afraid of trouble? How can you know whether you can do it without trying?”

In Zhuan Falun, Master says, “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while transforming gong is done by one’s master.” I chose to do it.

First I clarified the truth to people who worked in the community. I told them about the goodness of Dafa and the persecution happening in China. Then I helped them to organize community activities and events for Chinese residents and throughout the whole community.

As an organizer, I easily arranged Fa promoting activities during the events. I invited drum players to perform, set up Dafa booths, arranged for exercise demonstrations, sang Dafa songs, and promoted Shen Yun.

When I had just moved to this community, I had a dream in which a circle of people stood around me in my house. Behind each of them were long lines of people. I did not understand what this dream meant until one day at my house, I was talking to my Chinese neighbors about my wonderful experience of practicing Dafa.

The dream told me that people in my new community are waiting to be saved. The people in my dream were these neighbors. The long lines behind them are the sentient beings my neighbors represent in their cosmos.

My Fa understanding was so low that I almost missed this opportunity of saving sentient beings because I was attached to comfort.

My eyes fill with tears as I write this article. Infinite gratitude to Master rises from my heart. During the first two summers, the community had big celebrations. In the winter there were celebrations for the Chinese New Year in the Chinese group.

After that there were no more. Master arranged it for me. If I had chosen to stay at home due to my attachment to comfort, I would have been very regretful.

Attending the Union Convention

My colleagues at work trust me. When we formed a union in 2010, the union president asked me to be the treasurer and manage the money.

In 2013, the union sent me and the president to the annual convention in Ontario. There I saw an urgent resolution about an international event and I was shocked. Why does the union pay attention to international issues?

I immediately thought of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Should I also submit an emergency resolution for the Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted in China?

Then again, my lazy side spoke to me. "Do not draw attention to yourself. You are nobody. You want to do a resolution but more capable practitioners should do it. Not you.”

My cultivating side countered with “Are you a Dafa practitioner? What can’t a Dafa disciple do this with righteous thoughts? You should do whatever you are supposed to do and then resolve whatever problems you encounter. ‘Cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the Master.’”

I told my president that I would also like to submit an emergency resolution about Falun Gong. She agreed.

I did not know who to ask but I knew that, no matter who it was, I had to clarify the truth. First, I asked a convention guard, who led me to a staff member. I began to speak with tears in my eyes. The staff member comforted me and introduced me to someone from the International Solidarity Committee.

After I clarified the truth to her, I asked if I could submit an emergency resolution—“To call upon the Canadian government to urge the Chinese regime to immediately stop the persecution of Falun Gong in China.”

She said that she could not make the decision alone and asked me to attend an International Solidarity Committee meeting after dinner. She would give me several minutes to talk at the meeting and they would make a decision.

At the meeting I described how Falun Gong practitioners are doing good according to Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance, how Falun Gong has grown, the effects of healing and fitness, and the extent of the persecution.

Finally I talked about live organ harvesting of practitioners. After listening, the chairman said, “Although this is a very serious issue, it is not an emergency. I recommend you submit a resolution at the next convention.”

I prepared the resolution for the next convention. The Toronto Dafa Association found an experienced Western practitioner to help me write the resolution and write a five-minute speech to introduce the resolution.

I then had to secure enough support from my workplace for this resolution. I emailed Falun Gong truth-clarification materials to all the union members. I was not attached to the results. I knew that whether it passed or not, every step was clarifying the truth and saving people.

The members at the General Meeting voted to submit the resolution to the convention. The resolution was signed by the president and the secretary and submitted to the 2014 convention.

I had to consider my next steps. I asked myself why I submitted the resolution. I knew the main purpose was to clarify the truth and to save people. I was not attached to its passage. I just focused on clarifying the truth.

As long as the resolution was printed in the resolution book, whatever else I did at the convention was good. I thought, like candidates seeking union votes, I could distribute flyers at the convention. I knew, whether or not the resolution would be adopted, I’ve reached my goal.

I printed more than 700 flyers. To make them attractive, I used yellow paper and made the words “live organ harvesting” stand out by printing them in large bold letters. The front page had the caption: “Please help stop the live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China by supporting this resolution.” On the back I printed information about the persecution.

The 2014 convention convened with 1,300 delegates. On the first day I handed out more than 600 leaflets. I told everyone who accepted the flyers this was a very serious issue. The next day I distributed the rest. More than half of the delegates got a leaflet.

My purpose was to clarify the truth and to save people. If this resolution failed to pass, I decided to do it every year. On the second day of the convention, my resolution appeared on the big screen.

I began by sending righteous thoughts. By the end of the day, more than half of the resolutions didn’t pass. The reason given was a shortage of time but I knew it was because of the old forces. I waited for the next day.

The next day, resolutions for another sector appeared on the screen. I wondered what I should do. I observed that representatives who wanted to speak to the convention stood at microphones. I stood at a microphone and the chairman gave me permission to talk.

I asked what would happen with the resolutions that were not addressed yesterday. Would there be an opportunity for them to get passed?

The chair asked me what number my resolution was and he said he would arrange for it to be voted on the next day or the day after. When I returned to my seat, a staff from the Resolution Committee showed me the order of the resolution that would come up the next day and asked me whether I agreed.

“If your resolution doesn’t come up for a vote, it does not mean it is dead,” she said. “You can still contact the convention committee and they can decide to enact the resolution without a vote.”

I knew my purpose was to clarify the truth to save people, and I didn’t want the resolution enacted without a vote. I wanted it to be read at the convention. I told the staff person this was a very important issue. “I have been handing out flyers over the past few days,” I said to her. “I don’t know whether you received one."

She had. I said to her with tears in my eyes, “Falun Gong practitioners in China really need help. I do not care when the resolution comes up for a vote even if it is in the last time slot. Please manage to give my resolution a chance to be passed at the convention.”

She said she would try her best to help me.

I was determined. Even if the resolution did not pass this year, I would distribute flyers every year. I could save even more people because at least 30 percent of the delegates who come each year are new.

I felt that the old forces could not affect me. I would win either way. They could not stop my actions of assisting Master to rectify the Fa. I put down all my attachments and just waited for Master's arrangements.

On the last day of the convention, my resolution came up for a vote. As I stood in front of a microphone, I held in my heart the majesty of a Dafa disciple, knowing that I was saving sentient beings. I clarified the truth in a calm and logical manner. When I finished speaking, the audience immediately burst into thunderous applause.

When the moderator commenced the vote, all 1,300 delegates raised their voting cards to approve. The resolution read: “1. Urge the Canadian Government to call for an independent international investigation on China’s state run live-organ harvesting campaigns, particularly from workers who believe in Falun Gong. 2. Recommend that the Canadian government issue a travel warning for Canadians traveling to China for organ transplants by informing them of the live organ-harvesting campaign in China. 3. Urge the Canadian government to publicly call for an end to the illegal persecution of Falun Gong and immediate release all Falun Gong practitioners from labor camps and detention.” The resolution was unanimously adopted by the 2014 Ontario Union Convention.

Continuing to Cultivate

With more than ten years of cultivation, I know that my cultivation is far from being good enough. My biggest obstacle is the attachment to comfort. The attachment always tries to control me. I am still far from being a truly selfless, enlightened person.

Preparing this article made me look inside and summarize my ten years of cultivation that exposed my shortcomings. In my future cultivation, I will diligently clean up all the bad things and catch up with the process of rectifying the Fa.

My sharing ends with one of Master’s poems in Hong Yin II:

Rational and Awake

Pause for a moment of self-reflection,and increase your righteous thoughtsThoroughly analyze your shortcomings,and progress with renewed diligence

Thank you Master, thank you fellow practitioners.

(Presented at the 2016 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference)