(Minghui.org) In recent years, around New Year time, people in China purchase pre-paid envelopes to use for mailing festive greeting cards to friends and relatives.

Several practitioners and I have been taking advantage of this service for mailing out letters to public officials in Shandong Province, to let them know about Falun Dafa and the persecution.

This is much cheaper than buying regular envelopes, and buying in bulk makes it more cost effective, and an efficient and effective way of reaching the people we want to save.

Preparations Before Bulk Mailing

We are able to mail out several thousand such letters every New Year.

Our aim is to cover all of the government departments, agencies, and schools in the province - which is a daunting task.

So each year, we only mail out two to three letters for each government department, four to five letters for the township offices, two to three letters for elementary schools, six to seven letters for larger schools, and so on.

We start out by researching the names of personnel in each work unit, and collect the addresses and zip codes of each department in each district throughout the region.

Due to time constraints, we put all other projects aside and concentrate fully on this activity.

When the group of practitioners finish collecting the names and addresses for one district, they pass the information on to another group responsible for filling and sealing the envelopes.

Four items go in each envelope, including information about Falun Gong, information about quitting the Chinese Communist Party, and a general factsheet about the persecution. The final item varies according to the intended recipient and the situation of the persecution in that area.

After the envelopes are sealed, they are split in to bundles, according to the different post offices we intend to use. Each bundle has around 200 envelopes.

We go out to the post offices in pairs. One practitioner will go in to the post office, while the other remains outside sending forth righteous thoughts.

Things generally go smoothly. When the post office staff sees bundles of envelopes that are already pre-paid they usually accept them without asking any questions.

The Hardships and Difficulties Encountered

We mail public officials whom we generally are unable to reach in our day to day, face-to-face truth clarification efforts. This effectively fills that gap, so we know it is important and worthwhile.

Searching for names, addresses, work units, and other information requires a large amount of time in front of the computer. The workload is tremendous, and the data collection is tedious and time consuming.

The data needs to be re-checked every year to make sure that the person works at the same place and has the same contact details as the previous year. A particular city could include several districts and counties, so we also need to cross check these for accuracy.

Personal tribulations and the old forces interference can also affect the project.

I experienced karma elimination. The hand that I use for the mouse became stiff and swollen, and sometimes I became muddle-headed and my neck went stiff. When the condition got serious, I had severe headaches and even vomited. I intensified my Fa study and sent forth righteous thoughts more frequently.

Practitioners working on the project feel that time goes by too fast, and there never seems to be enough hours in the day to do what is required.

Bulk mailing is likewise difficult, as we have to carry bags ladened with bundles of letters. We have to ensure that the bags are sturdy and fashionable. We dress in business attire and conduct ourselves with proper etiquette. This helps not to attract unwanted attention. People assume we are business people carrying out our daily routines.

We ascertain the location of each post office and the easiest way to get there before we set out. Nonetheless, we sometimes still need to walk a distance with the heavy bags, even a great distance at times.

When we go to far-off places we start out very early, and don't stop to eat until all of the bundles are mailed out.

Importance of Maintaining Righteous Thoughts

We regularly encourage each other, and remind each other to keep up our righteous thoughts.

I went to a practitioner’s apartment to deliver envelopes and a list of addresses one evening, and noticed that some of the envelopes she was working on were not properly sealed.

Upon careful examination, we found that the problem was limited to envelopes of a certain design. So we pulled all of these out and resealed them.

The practitioner admitted to being a bit careless, and said that she had just mailed out about 200 of these envelopes earlier that day. She said with deep conviction, “Everything will be alright. Master will see to it. We are saving people. Nobody will dare to interfere.”

I know that genuine cultivators should have righteous thought when confronting potential problems. I tried my best not to be moved, but couldn’t help being anxious. What if the staff at the post office find out? It will create problems for our future mailings.

Two days later, I took a bundle of 200 letters to the same post office. The young lady behind the counter saw the bundle and cried out, “Every time I’m on duty, I’m stuck dealing with big bundles!”

I knew then that there was no problem with the deliveries. I should have strong righteous thoughts like the other practitioner. Her absolute faith in Master is something I need to take note of and work on.

Our faith and trust in Master and Dafa has to come from the heart. It can’t be mere lip service.

With Master’s help and protection, our bulk mailing has been very successful these last few years.