(Minghui.org) One of my students approached me and said he had fallen down. The back of his head hit a rock and developed an egg-sized bump. He told me his vision was blurred in one eye, and I wondered if he had a concussion.

I wrote “Falun Dafa is good” on a piece of paper, gave it to him, and asked him to repeat the phrase in his heart.

Shortly after that, he told me he could see clearly again. I was surprised he recovered so quickly. I thanked Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) in my heart. A few minutes later, I checked his head and noticed that the bump and redness had disappeared.

On the next school day, I was anxious to check on him. He was at his desk smiling at me when class began. He told me he was fine and that I had saved him.

“I did not save you,” I said. “It was Falun Dafa. It was the Master of Falun Dafa who saved you, so please thank Master Li.”

By this time, half of my students had arrived in the classroom. Through the experience, they learned that the phrase “Falun Dafa is good” can help when they encounter difficulties.

My Husband Believes

My husband would often come home drunk, and he had a bad temper when intoxicated.

When I first began to practice Falun Dafa, he did not mind. However, after the persecution began, he wanted to me stop. He was afraid I would lose my job.

I often watched DVDs about Falun Dafa and listened to lecture recordings. He would often watch and listen, too. He came to understand the goodness of Dafa.

One evening in the winter of 2009, he came home drunk and went to lie down. Then, he started to moan. I thought he was just drunk and did not pay any attention to his request. Shortly after, he said his stomachache was getting worse. I looked at him and saw he was quietly sobbing. I realized he was really in pain.

“Say 'Falun Dafa is good,'” I said, “and ask the Master of Dafa to save you.”

He did not do so at first, but later the pain became more severe. It was then that he said, “Master, please save me. Falun Dafa is good.”

He repeated it a couple times and fell asleep.

The next day, a friend of his stopped by. I told him about how my husband came home drunk the night before. My husband also spoke up.

“I was not drunk,” he said. “I just really had a severe stomachache. Twice I asked Master Li to rescue me, and I said, 'Falun Dafa is good'. Soon the pain was gone—it was a miracle.” We all smiled.