(Minghui.org) I learned the Falun Dafa exercises when I started to read Zhuan Falun. I was not able to cross my legs in meditation at that time and could only sit with my legs straight. But when I conjoined my hands, I felt like I was sitting inside an egg shell. I felt very comfortable. This feeling lasted a few minutes, and I was very impressed.

I’ve read many books on a wide variety of subjects such as economics, literature, law, Chinese medicine, and even English literature. One day, a Dafa practitioner gave me Zhuan Falun. I accepted it without asking any questions and started to read.

It was a Sunday afternoon. I got absorbed in the book, and the more I read, the more I respected the author. I started to learn the fifth exercise of the practice after I came home. The next day I brought the book to work and read it when I had time. My colleagues laughed at me for reading such a “superstitious” book. I just ignored them, however, and continued reading.

I used to have a lot of soreness in my arms, especially on rainy days. After I finished reading Zhuan Falun for the first time, I felt an energy current running from my shoulders down to my arms and something shooting out from my finger. That night I could still feel an electric current in my arms. The next morning my arms felt very light and the pain was gone, never to come back again.

After having read Zhuan Falun, I found that my collection of other books no longer interested me, because they could not reach even a tiny bit of the profoundness of Zhuan Falun. Modern medicine cannot cure many diseases and modern science lacks depth.

Cultivating My Heart

I was in my early 30s when I started practicing Falun Dafa. Compared to other people, I did not have a strong attachment to lust, but I was still far from reaching the standard of a Dafa practitioner.

I had a dream one day in which I was a little girl and my husband was a little boy not much older than me. We were making bubbles with urine and yellow earth and throwing bubbles at each other. After I woke up, I realized that Master was encouraging me to let go of my attachment to lust, so I tried to rectify myself using Fa principles.

One day when I was lying on my bed, I saw something leave my body unwillingly and with tears in its eyes. I realized that it was the lust leaving my body. When I saw that it was reluctant to leave, I said to it, “You must leave because my body will no longer feed you. Leave immediately, please. I do not want you because I now practice Falun Dafa.” It then left peacefully, but with a bit of indignation.

Since then I have become a new person and do not have those kinds of thoughts any more.

Cancer Disappeared

I was diagnosed with nasopharnyx cancer before I started to practice Falun Dafa. I was not able to breathe through my nose and could only breathe through my mouth. I was often short of breath and always had a dry throat. Sometimes I had pain in my heart and it seemed to stop beating.

I had treatments to ease my symptoms, but the relief only lasted for about 15 days. We could not afford the medical treatment, so I just had to suffer most of the time.

I was reading Zhuan Falun one day when something fell out of my right nostril. It was yellowish and dry and about the thickness of a 50 cent coin. It was hard and as big as my finger nail. I then realized that I could breathe through my nose again. My nose problem was gone.

I asked one of the veteran practitioners about it. She said that Master must have taken out the root cause of my disease.

The Sacredness of Cultivation

One day after work I saw many little circles spinning around the front wheel of my bike. I realized that they were Falun. With the Falun spinning in front of me, I rode to a book store. Then all the Falun disappeared when I got to the book store. There were many Dafa books in the store and I bought two sets of Master's video lectures in Jinnan. One was for my mother and one was for myself.

I tried to learn the sitting meditation from the pictures by myself when I first started to practice. One day I heard a very pleasant sound of silver bells inside my house and in the yard. I asked my family members if they heard them too. They said that they did not hear it and suspected that I had buzzing in my ears. I realized then that I should not talk about cultivation things to everyday people. Several days later I decided that I had to get help to learn the exercises.

I once heard two people saying that they would watch Master's video in a school at six o'clock that night. I did not know them and was not sure if I could go. After dinner I went there on my bicycle and heard the Dafa music and Master's voice. I hesitated some, but finally I went in. Everyone was sitting in either the half lotus or the full lotus position. I could not do either, so I made up my mind to catch up with them.

Master encouraged me to cultivate diligently by letting me see a lot of scenes. He let me experience the opening up of the great heavenly circuit. I felt like I was floating when I walked. He also let me experience the gathering of three flowers above my head as well as the placement of the mysterious pass.

My Parents and My Son

I introduced my parents to Falun Dafa. They studied the Fa with other practitioners in the afternoon. One morning when I visited them, I saw some blood on the floor. My father said that he had vomited the blood, but was not afraid.

“I believe in Master and Dafa,” he said. “I felt very comfortable after the blood came out. I know it was dirty blood, so that I will recover from my illness after it all comes out.”

One day my son was struggling with his homework and put his head down on the table. I found that he had a fever. At that time, a voice said to me, “He has viral meningitis.”

His face was red and swollen. I put him to bed and he slept soundly while I played Master's Fa lectures for him. I believed that he would be all right after listening to Master and the Fa.

Soon he started to vomit until he had nothing left in his stomach. Though his fever came down a bit, his breathing was heavy. At midnight he heard the alarm and reminded me to send forth righteous thoughts. His righteous thoughts at that time might have helped. His fever went down after I finished sending forth righteous thoughts at the normal time.

He had almost fully recovered three days later. His father was not at home during those three days, and when he came back, he forced our son to take cold tablets. My son told me that it was not really medicine, but just sweet candies.

He told me that in his dream Master took several little disciples to listen to the Fa and to do the exercises in a beautiful place where the plants, animals, and buildings were all transparent.

Regretfully, he no longer practices Falun Dafa, because his father beat him. His not practicing was also a result of the brainwashing at school and in the military where he now serves. I hope he will come back to Dafa one day.

Body Purified Again

In 2010 I found a lump in each of my breasts. I constantly had a fever and my breasts became swollen and very painful. Ordinary people said that it was breast cancer.

I studied the Fa, memorized the Fa, practiced the exercises diligently, and sent forth righteous thoughts. After 16 days, I felt that my body had become light and the tumors softened. I told my husband after I recovered, and he was amazed.

Thank you Master for saving me! Thank you for protecting me again and again!