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I’d like to share my understanding of the subordinate soul [Editor’s note: which is also translated as assistant consciousness, assistant spirit, assistant soul, and subconsciousness in various Fa lectures] in this 7-part series.

I have personally experienced various forms of interference that my subordinate soul imposed on my master soul [Editor’s note: which is also translated as main consciousness, main soul, and main spirit]. I have also witnessed some local practitioners being persecuted by their subordinate souls.

I've written down what happened to me and a few of my local practitioners to serve as a reminder to everyone to be aware of hidden interference from subordinate souls.

Of course, I can only see the things shown to me at my level, and they are by no means the whole truth.

Practitioners should be guided only by the Fa—the truth of the vast universe—and not by the understanding or experience of another cultivator.

Subordinate Souls on the Attack

Why are so many practitioners' subordinate souls involved in the persecution of the master soul? I hope that I answered some of the questions in practitioners’ minds in this series of articles.

Practitioner D, whose subordinate soul was eliminated, told some of our fellow practitioners that what I said about the subordinate souls was not the truth. Thus, some of my fellow practitioners have begun to oppose me.

In another dimension, many practitioners' subordinate souls were led by D's subordinate soul. They attacked my body and my true body inside my flesh body.

Trials and Elimination of Subordinate Souls

Divine beings were judging practitioner D's subordinate soul, and listed the many crimes that soul had committed. Some other subordinate souls were also put on trial. According to my understanding of upright principles, those subordinate souls had violated the rules of heaven, so some dropped in levels and some were eliminated.

The process of D's subordinate soul's elimination was shown to me. The subordinate soul was tied onto a punishment platform, which was reserved for those who committed the most heinous crimes.

The punishment platform has five levels of punishment. They are god, man, livestock, ghost and extermination. I saw that D's subordinate soul's mechanisms were removed. Then, a large law wheel engulfed this subordinate soul and instantly it became primordial qi.

All the images, lives, particles and other factors of D's subordinate soul, from the macroscopic to the microscopic in all other dimensions experienced endless destruction. At the same time, all gods and other entities involved in the persecution were also eliminated from the macro to the micro.

Master said:

“Each life would be made to bear responsibility for each and every one of its actions in history. And this would be especially true for during the time of the universe’s Fa-rectification, where one would be held accountable for everything—be it one’s motives, what one did, or even the little things; and it was set that gods, those who had played both a negative and positive part in the Fa-rectification, as well as demons and even tiny life forms, would all be subjected to judgment.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference IX)

It finally made sense to me when Master said “...outwit them at their own game” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”).

Sacredness and Holiness of Creating New Divine Body

When my body was destroyed by the old forces, Master covered their eyes and simultaneously generated a new divine body for me.

The old forces could only see Master searching for the pieces of my body in different dimensions, but they could not see the sacredness and holiness of how Master created my new divine body.

They believed that Master would not be able to do anything, and they were quite pleased with themselves. They wanted to accomplish their arrangement, which was to kill me in the human dimension.

Master Has the Last Word

The old forces had arranged that I would die a miserable death and they threatened me many times: “You'd better mind your own business. If you get involved again, we will kill you, but it won't be an easy death.”

Some practitioners' subordinate souls swore at me: “Die! However, it won't be an easy death.” It seems many of the old forces and subordinate souls knew about my ending. Yet, only Master has the last say during the Fa-rectification.

Help if Any Chance of Salvation

Master's disciples are compassionate. Our subordinate souls have been waiting for years to come along with us. Whether they are positive or negative lives, whether they came from our own system, or were forced on us by the old forces, I truly hope they rectify themselves, choose a bright future and be worthy of having descended level by level to become a part of the Fa rectification.

Dafa disciples are walking the path of divine beings. We are missionaries of the Creator. We spread kindness and practice kindness. As long as those lives have a chance to be saved, we should save them.

However, the chances are becoming fewer. Over the past years, all of the subordinate souls' actions have revealed their xinxing level and thus their future positions have been decided.

Master said:

“During the course of your cultivation, the cosmic body that corresponds to your body, no matter how big it is, is rectified as you achieve success in your cultivation, and that's for sure. But if you don't cultivate well they can't be rectified. Of course, there is another factor that's at play, namely, the Fa-rectification--when my immense force of Fa-rectification arrives, the good ones will be kept and the bad ones will be dealt with. So the time before the Fa-rectification arrives is the best opportunity for you to save sentient beings. When the time comes it will wait for no one. As soon as the immense force of Fa-rectification arrives, however things should be will be.” (“Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference III)

I thank compassionate Master for giving us the opportunity to establish our own mighty virtue at this crucial moment of the universe’s renewing and the cosmos' reforming! And for giving us the most magnificent title of “Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples”!

We must live up to Master's expectations and fulfill our sacred vows.

We relied with our righteous faith in Master and descended to the human world. Thus, we must rely on the same righteous faith in Master to return to our original home!

Everything is Under Master's Control

I've experienced many tribulations since I learned that the subordinate souls were committing evil deeds from the time I began to write this article. Fortunately, I've received a lot of support from practitioners who sent righteous thoughts until I completed my articles.

When I faced huge pressure from some practitioners and when invisible substances pressed down on me, I questioned myself whether what I had seen is true or not. A few practitioners encouraged me with their understanding of the Fa.

When I wrote this article, interference was trying to prevent me from completing this task. Relying on the trust of Master and Fa, fellow practitioners and I have passed many hardships. I sincerely thank my fellow practitioners for their help and support.

I am very grateful for Master's protection and strengthening. I know everything is under Master's control.

When I was shaken in my cultivation, Master arranged for practitioners to encourage me. When I was wondering if I should write this article, Master hinted that I think carefully over every single word I used. When I encountered tribulations in different periods of time, Master laid out each step of how to go forward and backward. When I discussed some important issues with other practitioners, Master put a dome over us to block the old forces from seeing or listening to us.

While meditating, I saw myself and some other practitioners walking on a tightwire high over a bottomless abyss. I told myself, “You must cultivate well and walk on the path Master arranged for you.”

Without Master's protection, practitioners' safety cannot be guaranteed. The only way we can repay Master’s compassion is to strive forward diligently in our cultivation journey.

(The end)